What will i need to MOD a Venom Arcade Stick?


Hello there ,
first time modding a stick so i need your help !

I have a Venom stick , i want to add Sanwa Balls - Stick and buttons , will i need anything else , like cords for example ?

Also are these Sellers on ebay legit ? Some of them claim that they are selling Original like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Original-Sanwa-TP-JLF-8YT-8-ways-Joystick-For-Arcade-kits-Control-Parts-/281970657672?hash=item41a6c2c988:g:ZjQAAOSw2ENW67Xo

Thank you in advanced !


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lol, you probably didn’t need to create a new thread :slight_smile: