What Will It Take To Be The Most Fulfilling Fighting Game In 2016?


Street Fighter 5 just came out a day ago, Mortal Kombat X is getting an update with it’s online functionality and character DLC. Guilty Gear Revelator will be out in late May/early June (depending on the region) and King of Fighters 14 will be out some time this year as well. PC players will have access to Killer Instinct right along with the X1. That game is about to get it’s season 3 update.

What does a fighting game have to do at this time to gain the majority of the community’s attention? Sure, people play multiple games, but which one will be the standard? You can think of them like food dishes: Some servings are very light, some have a little extra and others are like a pu pu platter.

IMO, I think Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator has the biggest potential. Street Fighter 5 is on PS4 and PC. The updated Mortal Kombat X will be on PS4 and X1. King of Fighters 14 is a PS4 exclusive. Killer Instinct is on X1 and on it’s way to PC, but Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator will have the audience of PS4, PS3 and PC. These platforms for the genre and serious competition are key to a very large part of the community.

Guilty Gear is filled with depth and the styles of the characters are all diverse. All characters are represented in tournament play, which means a player isn’t forced to play with a character they don’t enjoy. The new series has a very nice story mode for people that are interested in the game’s lore. There’s a new and easier to play through tutorial mode to get new players adjusted and a trial mode with practical combos and setups. New characters are being added and old favorites are being updated.

The only thing that really needs improving is the netcode. Japan’s connection is totally different from the rest of the world (like USA or Europe) that has players separated by hundreds of miles. With that function fixed (in combination with their updated lobby system), it has the potential, but will they take advantage of it?


Street Fighter III: Third Strike


Could you elaborate on why you chose 3S?


cuz it’s the most fun to watch and play. IMO cooperation cup was definitely the best FG event of the year, only capcom cup came close. not sure if everyone would agree with that but that’s my feeling on it.

also I read your thread title wrong and my brain ignored the “it take to” part of your sentence. which as you might imagine transforms your thread question to some degree!


Yes, it’s a very fun game and interesting to watch, but if it’s not Japan as the majority of the players, you don’t see much variety in the selection of characters. The game really needed a balancing overhaul that it unfortunately never got.


I’d say Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 had the greatest potential only if they didn’t stop giving us DLC’s and more.

But right now, for 2016, SFV is just starting so I don’t think they’d have it until prolly after 2 years.

As for Guilty Gear, it may have a potential but the potential is low. If we talk about fighting games, people think of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom games. If I have to add one more, I’d say King of Fighters.

I think Mortal Kombat X takes this especially that it’s new DLC’s are very heavy especially Leatherface, Tribot and most especially Alien, ( yep , you have the chance to have an alien vs predator in MKX :slight_smile: ) Even the trailer was awesome.


Promotion of a title is key to bringing attention to an IP. Street Fighter is known because of how long it’s been in the front. That’s because it was one of the first to bring head 2 head competition. If a company wants it’s IP to be well known like Street Fighter is, they must take upon themselves the work of showing why their IP is important. Look at the game Halo when it first came out. Through heavy promotion (and gameplay for that time was unique), it became a household name.


  1. Quality software
  2. Heavy promotion
  3. Positive Public perception


OP Guilty gear does not have the advantage of multiple platforms, For starter both console and PC are outdated versions. While their is release date for ps3/ps4, its not much of real advantage if either of the games runs inferior ( namly ps3 version if XRD sigh is any indication). And by that logic skull girls should the better choice because its both arcade (soon),ps3, ps4, vita, and pc.

Guilty gear not the only game with specialist or diverse character, hell in japan competitive scene you always see variety of characters in any game. no one is ever force to play some one they don’t like , that player thing and if your telling me Guilty gear is balance then I can safely assume you don’t know what your talking about. So this consensus is moot.

Fighting game lore have very little impact on the competitive people. people who get into fighters competitively because they aspire to be competitive player, the lore usually have little influence.

Every other point you mention the other games are getting the same treatment so you haven’t presented a convincing argument but to be an jerk I will say you just wishful person wanting push GUILTY GEAR OF YOUR OWN VOLITION and not for the sentiment you express. Because if we go by that then Skull girls still stand as the better game. They have the superior online functionality. they have the lore, they have the tutorial, they have diverse cast and many moire. While the game may not be getting updated, that actually to its strengths since consistency is the concern of any competitive game.

Right now SF/KI, MKX, Smash 4, skull girls, and tekken. I think this because those game are simple at its core for both player and spectators. while their smash4 can get technical everything else comes with accessibility and for the most part straight forward. All have Ip that are pretty popular. (skull girls eh?)


Give me a coherent story so that I could get immersed into the world the developers of a particular Fighting Game have created

Give me a mechanically solid gameplay where there is purpose for every attack a character, and give me a choice between certain attacks depending on the situation

Provide me with a decent online experience - replays, leaderboards, lobbies, invites, ingame chatroom, great netcode

Give me an array of game modes - so that I wouldn’t be bored of the game when I’m not feeling like mashing online but still want to spend some time in it

Give me a varied cast of characters - I want zoners, grapples, rushdown, and so on and so forth

Give me the tools to interact with the community - like forums and such


In my opinion, I think it’s still Capcom’s best designed work of the series. Other Street Fighter games before it in comparison was just “ok”, other games after it was just “medicore”. Also, I feel 2d fighters today are in the shadow of it’s former self, so I can’t give an opinion further on the topic.