What will this game mean for the OTHER fighting game scenes?

I saw a video on youtube earlier today that got me thinking. In this video a player (sorry I can’t remember the name or the video ill have to look for it) says that he used to be a CvS2 player, and hes noticed how SF4 has brought in everyone from every scene…3rd strike players are playing SF4, CvS players, MvC players. I noticed that as well, and thats very good and cool.

Now, there’s been a lot of talk about how MvC3 will destroy the TvC scene; but what impact will it have on the sf4 scene? Will all of those legendary MvC vets come back to MvC and leave SF4 behind? Will they try to do both? Will a new wave of faces become the new scene if the vets dont come back?

just food for thought, i guess.

Who cares? There is a semblance of sub-scenes but for the most part we all play the same games. No offense but this the definition of rhetoric.

Yeah, I agree with Kalyx. I think it’ll have an impact, but not anything vastly different in comparison to other big fighting games.

It’ll kill MvC2 scene at day one (or the dying corpse of it).
It’ll kill TvC eventually.

Both communites will move to MvC3 sooner or later (and TvC wil own obv., cuz this is really TvC2).

The interesting thing comes to sfiv, i think at much it will be as popular, but not more, i guarantee.

Unlikely. They won’t ditch the scene. Most people will just multitask between Super and MvC3. There’s usually no real in-fighting with the Capcom series of Fighting games. Usually that resides within the series themselves, not cross-series (example, SF2 fans hate 3 and 4, 3S fans hate 2 and 3, or the usual all VS. Games against MvC2 thing, etc…).

Hopefully it’ll kill the SSF4 scene and Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter will once again be the dominant rivalry, the way it fucking should be.

I wish Sega would let Namco make that cross-over already. It’s the closest to playing VF I’d get too.

It’s going to outsell sf4 and most likely be the top tourney game unless it’s really, REALLY bad.

i would bet my house on it.

I can see it killing TVC and MVC2 but I don’t wanna say anymore than that. Of course if it fails it won’t kill anything off.

Ya know… people still play ST, Alpha series, 3rdS, CvS2, and other Capcom fighters despite newer ones coming out. Hell, it’s one of the reasons I find many comments in SRK regarding what they will and will not play absurd, like people are forced to play the latest games.

it will be like when a new game comes, it will draw the attention of the community for a time, it will bring “new players” to the scene that more than likely would drop the game when the next shooter got released, and when the novelty comes down everyone will return to their favorite games, retaining only the ones that got hooked or the players of the games that its replacing (mvc2/tvc) except for the purists of course

take me for example, im sure that i would buy it, and that i will play it, but im also sure that after some time i will return to GG/BB :stuck_out_tongue:

It really wont matter, people are gonna play what they like reguardless in the long run. I think it might get people into the VS series that otherwise never would have tried it out.

There had to be one…

Once it turns out to be TvC, MvC players will keep playing MvC2, SF4 players will go back to SF4, and there will be no more vs games ever.

Meaning no matter what SF4 is going to be the only game played anymore anyways.

People are gonna keep playing what they li ke to play but this will probably be the go to game if it’s as successful as it seems. Capcom hasn’t disappointed so far im sure it will be really good but I need gameplay vids to be sure.

The open-minded people will play MVC3, provided it’s good.

The closed-minded vets will stick to MVC2 because that’s what they want more of.

The casuals will either like the game and delve deeper into it, or drop it for the next shooter.

The “scrubs” (I hate that term) will find things to bitch and moan about, as usual.

capcom have disappointed us with CFJ.

MvC3 is gonna either revive the VS scene again, back to how it was in 2000-2005, or kill it off.

While I appreciate you trying to help, this post is all kinds of ignorant.

Everything you listed takes skill to use effectively.

wow i didnt expect this to kick off so many negative responses.

i can see this game reviving the marvel scene; hopefully the players that moved on to sf4 do come back, but even if they dont i still expect the scene to be strong. also hopefully this time around theres less high school drama

taking out the top tiers will only make the game more dull, with less options, less mobility, and less strategy.

rushdowns will consist of mixups between slow normal jump attacks and low kicks, some cross-ups by jumping/airdashing to the other side, and an occasional tick throw. there will be some run-away games, but air-to-air battles will be close to non-existent. infinites will still exist, rogue and dhalsim will be the new top tier as they’re the only ones with tri jumps.

So no, mvc2 will not be more fun without the top tiers. it will just be more appealing to casual on-lookers that just want to see their favorite superheroes duke it out against each other.