What Would 150 Dollars Get ME! (Used Laptop)

I have a friend whos selling me an 150 dollar laptop, it has decent graphics (xbox/ps3) and runs smooth.

Hes selling it for super cheap because he repairs pc’s and stuff that people throw out. (so it cost him nothing)

is this deal to good to be true? am i a lucky ducky?

sorry i don’t have the specs, you know as much as i do.

Without specs noone can answer your question unfortunately.

disagree, you couldn’t tell me that laptop that can run xbox360 games and runs smooth is worth the money.

there won’t be any hidden problems, i can get it fixed from him FOR FREE for like a year after words… plus hes just a good guy.

Since you know so much already why did you even waste bandwidth to post this topic?

You’re asking if it’s a good deal, but without specs, there’s nothing to feasibly compare it to, hence my answer. I wasn’t trying to be rude, just realistic. If he’s such a “good guy” as you put it and he’s your friend, then why are you even questioning it in the first place.

CharlieMurphy, let me answer your question with another question;

Are you the kind of person that gives advice to people without hearing the full story?

You keep on mentioning the person’s character, but not the product. Why should we care about the person? Best Buy employs thousands of awesome people and thousands of crappy people. The product remains the same.

Either way, it sounds like you already have the answer. You’re looking for validation.

I going to straight out and say unless your “friend” is a person of excellent character and very generous, I would not expect much for $150 laptop.

Do not expect this laptop to run the same games as a Xbox 360 or PS3.

Also PS3/Xbox 360 hardware is about 5 years old, in PC terms a 5 year old Computer is an “antique” (depending on how you look at it).

I would not expect it to run PS2, OG Xbox or Dreamcast era games (not emulation of those systems).

Here is the market for new and used laptops in the $150 and below range
http://www.notebookcheck.net/Newsentry.153 M5a4c40ffe59.0.html

If your laptop specs are the same or better that the ones listed on those links your getting a deal.
If not your getting scammed. And that is assuming that the machine is in [S]perfect[/S] a reasonable refurbished condition with a clean install of the OS.

derp, or maybe im just trying to get it threw YOUR thick head that hes not trying to scam me.

are you the type of person who judges people for stupid reasons? Thats a big 10-4 good buddy :slight_smile:

thanx, THIS is exactly what i needed… hes a good friend, but im not 100% I’m still going to check it out. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

So basically this thread was made cuz you were too lazy to google shit yourself, and to crap on people who were trying to give you honest answers.Way to go there bud.