What would a day 1 MvC2 player of seen up til now?

I plan to do a quick “Hitler Hears About…” video for MvC3 and publish it on launch. I know a few exist right about now but I sometimes feel people think more about what sounds funny instead of why syncs well to catch the emotion of the scene. Kind of like a bad dubbing versus a great dubbing… anyways. What’s something a Day 1 MvC2 player would of seen? Like which characters were the best at the beginning, and became great later?

Also. What’s something that only diehard and serious MvC2 players would know? Like a lingo or a long combo string that no beginning player could understand, much less pull off?

This old GamePro tier list is amusing in retrospect:

La ROM for the hard combo that everyone knows for sure.

Any cool video of Sentinel not being a 2/5 in effectiveness will do fine also.

For lingo, pretty much anything Yipes says, people eat that shit up.

mango sentinel
y boost
100% technique
pretty much any joo/magnetro combo transcript =\

When I realized I was reading that tier list wrong, my head tried to explode.

They got Zangief right though.

Iceman and Doom being gods.