What would be a real good metric of progress?

I would look at win loss ratio but mine is so low even if I were improving on the front that would not really show me progress.

The most satisfying thing for me has been becoming able to beat people who used to perfect me when i first started playing.

I don’t think it’s that important that you win, what’s important is that your opponent has to work hard for the win.

Hmm. I just recently found out that one of the top Ryu spars with me on psn for some reason…
Sometimes I just randomly get perfected by people… :frowning:
That said I guess I can take your metric and apply it. Problem is sometimes i don’t get the same people who perfected me.

Focus on learning small fundamental aspects and wheter you can apply them consistently as your metric until you can start counting in wins.

Ex: Did you anti air their jump-in when you could, Did you hit your bnb like you should have.

Once all those are second nature to you, then you can start careing about win/loss ratio.

there is no useful metric. closest thing would be setting benchmarks for yourself (Beat player X in tournament). but I’ll repeat, there is no useful metric.

caring about your win/loss ratio is just going to make you spend too much time playing against easy opponents to maintain it.

I stopped giving a damn about the w/l thing and am more focused on looking for a suite of metrics so I can compare my progress. A few things said has helped me some what.

Are you good at interpreting trends in pie charts or graphs? I have some sweet data analysis tools that you can use to help track and review your stats and best manage your training regimen.

Here’s a quick visual I made that I think nicely demonstrates my progress.

In a few months I started fighting games after a long year hiatus I saw some improvement. Most notably that even if I lose I make the opponents lose their life bar a lot. that did not occur previously. also as another example I became much better at controlling the keyboard. though laptop keyboard I currently use is much worse than the desktop keyboard in response time and button presses.

Of course if there is a very good player he’ll beat me easily. Particularly in KOF2002 and 3S some opponents are so fast in using combos, frame traps and specials that even if I wanted to I could not do a thing and lose immediately. they are beyond my league. I win only if they let me but I do not like that
it is like comparing an elementary school degree to a PHD.
I found my limits and I try to keep that level. most important thing is not to get better but not to get worse.

Yeah but geeez you’re doing it the hard way on a laptop keyboard. That’s a big disadvantage right there.

beating who you didn’t beat, seeing what you didn’t see, fighting what you didn’t know was there.

Making and achieving goals for yourself based on where you need to improve as a player.

christ, I’m no higher than 3,12 yet! I can see youve been in da lab

Enough for you to notice that you have improved or something dry and cut is memorizing a long combo.

memorizing is the easy part. applying it is the hard part. even if I do 1/4th of the combo it suffices.

I always have some small thing Im working on.
Frame traps, options selects, set ups, combos. I start with them in training room.
I then go into real matches and try to apply them. When I am able to apply them in the appropriate situation and start being successful with them, I consider myself improved.
The more I know/can do, the more I know I have improved.

Its a nice little way to feeling improvement and it’s a lot nicer not worrying about win/loss or pp/bp