What would be your dream fighting game?

What features would an all-time favorite FG of yours have?

I ask that to get something rolling. Specifically, what stuff would you love for a fighting game to have, assuming the expectations are realistic? What features would put that FG above all or most other FGs you have in your collection?

I know you guys probably had 1000 topics like this. Well… this would be 1001.

More frames of animation for attacks, GG I’m looking at you :wgrin: .

A more balanced Third Strike style game with better character designs.

All around good animated characters and good animated backgrounds and levels with lots of good soundtracks. Something similar to GG, MvC, and Melty Blood.
When you smash your oppenent into the ground or wall too much you got into another area of the stage, Maybe destructable backgrounds or objects. I wanna see clothes getting ripped off or battle scars and bruises. Stages with more platforms and freedom.

Flawless online play. now go make it plz

An updated, more balanced version of JoJo’s. (Yoshikage and Jolyne kthxbye) Then, the universe would be at peace.

A more balanced Third Strike style game with better character designs.

Possibly this. Definitely a very, very balanced game, with no weird glitches like roll cancelling.

cosign, which means no chun and some buffs to other characters (sean, 12)

This with a little mix of Garou in there and we’re all set.

Sweet. More storyline development. hahaha

a game using star ocean 2 characters :),

Can we throw Gen and Sakura in that 3rd Strike mix?

Sure…maybes Guy too.

no sakura, put rose instead

A more balanced 3s sure sounds awesome. No need to remove anyone, just give everyone enough to compete, and rape the top tier characters. I nicely balanced game besides VF would be nice for once(I know it’s not the only one, but it’s the only one I play that’s VERY balanced). A Tekken without animals and bs infinites. Don’t care much for story or eatures as long as I get a nice set of option for my vs mode I’m fine.

As mentioned earlier, Elemental/Enviornmental Phenomena, something that hasn’t been seen since the World Heroes series, where even your surroundings can hurt you. It kinda adds the elements of RPG’s or action platformers to the fighting genre.

Let’s say the stage is set near a volcano and have some safe spots. At random moments during the match, the screen would flash “DANGER” and start a 10 second countdown to get to the safe spots, and then the volcano would erupt. There could be either:
>Both players could hide and cool down and think about their next move in the match
>Or to add more thrill to the match, there’s only one safe spot, and you and your opponent would have 10 seconds to fight over it.

Or another alternative, elemental barrier meters. After you select your character, you can choose between 4 elemental barriers to protect yourself from what can happen in the stage. When the word “DANGER” appears, hit 3 certain buttons to activate the barrier, it’s a “guard crush” kind of thing.

/applaud. If I could only have the gameplay of 3S with the character design of Alpha 3 I would never get off my couch again.

A much much MUCH more balanced Marvel vs. Capcom 2 fighter. Just so that
EVERYONE actually gets used and not every team will compose of having
Sentinel in it.

Oh yeah, and new sprites for them all too.

There already is a dream game out…It’s called CFJ

jk please dont hurt me / give me neg rep

Okay since my dream 2d game has been made and I am awaiting for the 3rd one (Capcom vs. SNK/awaiting SVC2 with Gill and Orochi as bosses)

The dream 3d game-Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter.

And DONT say it won’t happen.

How fucking long did we wait for Capcom vs. SNK?? We thought that would NEVER happen…then it did…