What would be your ideal KoF team?

Yes yes this is sadly a blatent costumed attempt of “Pick your fav KOFer”, but we need this shit every once in a while. But instead of just one KOFer, might as well make it so it’s traditionall the 3 team basis. Pick them on looks, culture, actual gameplay, whatever. Just pick them. Heck even put in the year you want as well.

[*]Vanessa: What can I say? I have a boner for red heads, even moreso for short hair. She’s a widow and cougar full, being the oldest KOFer on the circuit and yet looking as fine as day. I never really got into boxers type fighters, but she is the one for me. Easy to use as well as fun to use, and even has a DM that’s an homage to Rick Strowd.

[*]Joe Higashi: Graet Joker, and even though he isn’t the best period, he still thinks he is. But not in a way where it’s like Iori where he’s all EMO about it, he has a class of his own. Love the mashing moves and he was one of the first characters (ala Fatal Fury One) that showed me that fireballs don’t have to be fireballs at all.

[*]Terry Bogard: Yes, the man. Buster wolf. There’s nothing not to like about him, and even without his trademark hat, he still rocks the house. A classic character in his own right, who I feel basically embodies the complete differences between SNK and Capcom. Moves that are similar but their own style.


KOF 98 Daimon: I like picking people up. I like stomping on them. I like throwing them around. I like kicking them in the air. I like kicking them in the shins.

KOF 98 Orochi Yashiro: I like picking people up. I like throwing them in the air. I like kicking them in the gut. I like break dancing.

KOF 2000 Athena: Psycho Ball. I like unblockables.

FF1 Geese
RBFF2 Nightmare Geese
AOF2 Geese

go dream match

Edit: My bad

no AOF2 Geese?

I got 3 KOF dream teams.

First team:

Duck king
98 Yama
Joe of RBFFS

Second team:

98 Benimaru [best beni IMO]

Third Team:


Those are my dream teams in KOF.=]

2k2 Shermie (amazing how scrubs will lose at least ONE match to repeated :d: + lk, :r: + lp)
98 Blue Mary
98 Orochi Yashiro

98 Chris
2k2 Yamazaki

2k1 May Lee
98 Kim
2k3 Robert

2000/XI Kensou; He was still cracking jokes, but I like his moveset w/o psychic powers and I like how his outfit’s been updated. I like his persona and the fact that even with the dragon or whatever running through him, he’s not all tortured or bothered about his power. (a la NESTS with Kyo and Iori…with himself) That and read Athena and Friends, boy’s a pimp.

Vice; Ok, I don’t really play grapplers, but DAMN just look at her. Only time I ever saw short hair look so hot. If you don’t know what’s good about Vice, I can’t help you.

2k2 O. Chris; Arrogant, playful, flows like water, shoots fire, and sometimes just sometimes, turns into a god and smites you.

2k3 Team Fuck you
Shen Woo; The man ain’t too much to work with gameplay wise, but who doesn’t love a kicked back badass? And He’s bringing back Hawaiian shirts.

Gato; I’ve played motw and know that he has a chip on his shoulder regarding familial issues and that something clawed the fuck out of his back, but I really don’t know much else about him. Kinda emo sometimes, but the Kung Fu threads and neck-breaking make up for it.

Yamazaki; The only Orochi without issues. Well, sorta. The man is vicious though. Counter-set, whip-like limbs, and a penchant for knives.

They keep messing up my favourite characters :frowning:

2000 / 01: Clarke when he had his Gatling Attack -> Napalm Stretch -> Flashing Elbow combo…WHY DIDY THEY TAKE THIS OUT FOR 2k3!?! Why did they give it bloody clarke who cant follow it up with the beautiful air throw?

2k3 Griffin: ultimate piledriver ownage

Pretty much any year Ryo: he just…generally owns as a change of pace from the wrestlers. the anti-fireball trap character with his jumping chop move (hcb + kick)

Funny Saotome got in here and posted…I thought he would lock a thread like this…BUT SAOTOME GOTTA LOVE THAT TEAM!!!
All right

I’ll throw in yet another team

  2. 2k2 Rugal
  3. 96 Goenitz-DEATH TO ALL… with a substitute of Igniz…(THE NEW DREAMMATCH BOSS TEAM…FALL BEFORE YOUR KNEES…CAN YOU SEE IT??? 96 Boss team is nothing on this one…)

KOF98 Leona - I have the most experience with her.

CvS2 Yamazaki - I don’t care what anyone says, this is the best version.


Athena, Duck King and Joe, just the coolest characters!

I have 4 dream teams and all storyline purpose related since I love KOF!

New Orochi Team
Rugal B.

Through the Orochi power Geonitz returns as does Rugal by Orochi and were brought back for the ultimate Orochi ceremony! Rugal wants revenge on Geonitz and figures the closest way to him is to team with him (Geonitz knows this of course but doesnt plan to kill Rugal till after the tournament) Rugal offers Yamazaki riches to help him and Yamazaki agrees thus forming this strong team!

New Art of Fighting Team

Im big on the Art of Fighting teams every year and this would be the dream team for me!

Female Orochi team

While at the same time Leona wants to understand her past more fully she’s also sent on a mission by Heidern to meet up with him Ralf and Clark to help stop Orochi. Leona goes to Vice and Mature in seeing thats her best and closest way there, so offers them that she will help them kill Iori if they run into him immediately. (Vice and Mature also brought back and also have revenge on theyre minds so they agree to for her to team with them)

Team Triple Threat
Orochi Chris
Iori (Blood Riot)

This is just the Ultimate Dream Team and would destroy the King of Fighters! haha

Seriously after 97 the storylines got real weak for KOF. They need to bring Orochi back to make it more interesting! Just some of my thoughts!

true tech on bacardi’s account

rock,gato,vanessa with garou type bar/super team in that order

Duo Lon
Lee Pai Long


Team bum.

Yuri - with bum attack
Mai - with bum attack
Athena with bum attack

the 2k2 version of this team is actually pretty strong.

Geese- He is the most badass character in the history of snk. If i could have 3 Geeses, i would.

Joe- Joe doesn’t give a shit about you, he laughs at you when he beats you, and the double cyclones own.

Terry- There’s just something about him. Like Ken, he’s just badass.
Tizoc- He’s gonna fuck you up, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Worst team

Iori- Typical pussy fanboy character, if i ever see another cosplayer Iori, i will throw them into a volcano
Chang- Fatties suck
Athena- I hate her voice

Muscle Power
Goro Daimon

Vanessa- Sexy bod, she’s a boxer
Tizoc- His BGF is the COOLEST super throw in history
Oswald- Badass design & ultra-cool moves
Rugal- Gimme his CvSNK 2 version, minus QCF+P in the air & his QCFx2+K, and stick in his QCFx2+K from 98 & he is GOD TIER!
Heavy D!- Nice moes & really cool design
KoF 97 Robert- I swear if he comes back with this movelist & his 97 QCFx2+K DM, I will always have him in my team
KoF 97 Yashiro- Bring him back and…

98 Terry - DP rising tackle was buff
XI K’ - 2001 uppercut plus faster fire trigger
2K2 Athena - Nothing needs to be said

95 Omega Rugal
98 Omega Rugal
2002 Omega Rugal