What would be your ideal system for a 2D/non-3D, non-team game?


Hello, I’ll try to keep this short for once, if only because once again I am in a hurry. (Also, I know how long-winded I can be.)

Between the recent, beautiful doujin game Vanguard Princess, the thread that ended being a discussion among the SRKers currently trying to make their own fighting games and the very recent, concurrent “How hard is it to make a fighting game” thread, I’ve been wondering for the past couple of days what the ideal system design would be for myself. This of course led me to wondering what it would be for other people and thus this thread.

I would make a poll, but even limiting it to 2D non-versus, non-team games, that’s still way to many options when you think about what it includes:

[]Defense options (blocking, parrying, just defend, etc.)
]Offense options
[]Movement capabilities (dashing, back dashing, air dashing, running, etc.)
]Meter management
[]Subsystem management
]Timer (if there is any, how long would it be)
[]What you’re ultimately aiming for when it comes to general type of gameplay? (And remembering that it most likely turn out that way the first time around, especially with the more characters you have.)
]Amount of characters
[*]“Gimmicks”/Miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t fit into the above like “taunts actually doing something beyond just being a taunt”

I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff in rush. Regardless, I already have my own ideas and so I’m curious as to what other people would want for themselves or what they think is superior.

(I’ll probably edit this post later when I get home in 9 hours.)


It would probably play like alpha2 without cc’s.

i’ll get into the specifics later.


I would want my game to be Hokuto no Ken with a bit of Hokuto no Ken

basically, Hokuto no Ken

oh goddamnit sexperienced with the sneaky thread necro


Yeah, just noticed that. This thread was made in 2009.

Why was this revived…