What would fighting games be w/o J.Wong?

Where would Fighting games in good o’ US of A be without Justin Wong?

The same as they are now. :lame:

I would be the all-time Marvel champion, obviously. :cool:

Daigo would be way less known.

The same?

cock envy.

3s would be WAY less known that’s for sure

Omgawd daigo parry


Easier to win tournaments.

Hey, I think you were doing casuals with us at FRXII…the guy playing Juggs, Hulk and C? Although I think you changed to mags, etc. for the tourney, it was awesome seeing you play low-tier.

Agreed with your sig BTW. I was the dude playing (read:fighting for my life) Ruby, Akuma, Morrigan…

Good question about the EVO thing…I’m not sure myself.

Daigo would never get angry.


He’ll probably just zone people with Hadoukens instead.

Who gives a shit? He is just a player. He didnt make the games and he isnt special. Just another player who just happens to win more than most. Games would be exactly the same as they are now. If he stopped playing, I highly doubt they would stop making fighters because of it.

Still the B series?


fighting games

Wins the thread at post #2. I also would have accepted “slightly less greasy.”

LMAO @ someone neg repping me cuz i said “the same”. Good shit. You dick riding fanboy.

yeah same here.

great thread

I think j wongs presence is good for fighting games. All nerd sports need heroes just look at poker.