What would have happened without MvC3?


If MvC3 stayed “that game that will never happen” and really did never happen, what would the future (or present) of MvC2 be like?

It would have been interesting to see. The last Seasons beatings before MvC3 dropped was AMAZING. It most likely would have stayed and been a main game there. But it barely made EVO 2010 and by being on ps3 many people didnt care for it. I think Money Matches would have kept escalating and getting hyper, since if it wasnt a main game at tournies it wouldn’t be a big source of money. Anyways, just throwing something out there since this section is so dead :frowning:


Long story short…the game would have still had hype to some extent among the hardcore players until Skullgirls released. Which pretty much Skullgirls will be the easier access, more fair version of the game that won’t have to worry about console port issues on a new system. It’s definitely a game that I see J.Wong and gang jumping right into and feeling very familiar with and giving the 3 on 3/assist gameplay a new era.

If you don’t count that…generally nothing that anything but the most hardcore of players would have cared about. Game still would have went on with years of people complaining the same 4 or 5 characters are being used on streams and what not. Although I think streaming being bigger would have given a chance for lower tier heroes like VDO and Megaman Steve to get put in the spotlight and show that the game can to some extent be played with more than 4 characters. Maybe one of the theory higher tiers like Anakaris popping out again and doing more…I dunno.

The main attraction like said would mainly be the money surrounding top players of the top tier characters/assists. Which even stuff like that is going down the drain now because of the whole ESPORTS professional crap now.

I already knew once MVC3 was coming out that would swallow shit up just like how SFIV swallowed up 3rd Strike and just about anything else that mattered. MVC was Capcom’s animu combo game of the US and that was easily going to swallow up anything that SFIV didn’t already in the tourney scene. SFIV was weird because it was like being forced to play a really boring version of SF because that’s just what everyone was playing in the community. I was big about playing competitively and going to tournaments (at least I was back then) so I just sacrificed not being able to play what I wanted so I could compete in a big game.

Seasons Beatings was basically the Evo of MVC2 and until MVC3 was announced I figured the game would go on as the big game at SB. Once MVC3 came out it seems like it took a backseat and the game is pretty much unheard of anywhere else. Clockw0rk vs. Neo pretty much ended the last big thing for MVC2 I think.

Doesn’t help that the next gen ports of MVC2 weren’t well received by tournament players and forced people to again play on the Dreamcast port with all of its issues.


If MVC3 didn’t happen… I would have an extra $100+ in my wallet…


It’s the other way around with all the MMs I won, but I respek dat


Sentinel woulda died a hero


We’d still be playing a much better game.


I wouldn’t be wasting my time hopelessly trying to make a certain mid/low-tier character viable in tournament. smh


Nothing of value would have been lost.


Same thing that happened to Melee.




I would be a much happier person. Even though I suck at Marvel, It’s my favorite fighting game, and I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to it. 3 is ass. It’s too easy, and it’s just not fun.

I just wish people still played the REAL marvel…


Melee got dropped from big time tournaments and became small time only after a while.


I would have forever remained a scrub in real MAHVEL.


Honestly, if Marvel 3 hadn’t happened I probably would have never played Marvel 2.

Not that that matters in the grand scheme of things, but still.


People would still give a shit about Marvel 2 instead of talking about all the bullshit in MvC 3. And I would have bought that arcade machine as well.


Eh MVC2 had a godly run while it lasted. Few other fighters can claim to have such strong, consistent interest so very long after release. Definitely on my all-time favorite games list.

As for what would have happened without 3? Well we’d still be playing MVC2. At least i would.

<---- Bison/Charlie/Storm


Would be less black people in tournaments.


Marvel 3 will never, ever, compare to MvC 2. From the second I first played in 2008 without even knowing, to playing against Mike Ross (I think), No other game but SF 3 3s will ever be as amazing.


UMVC3 is a worthy sequel.

If only less bullshit would be involved this time around(hard knockdowns), but ah well.


cant tell if trolling or not. i have never met a person who got into mvc2 cuz of mvc3