What would it take for you to play marvel casually?

-Less FOB punchings?
-more anime/engrish?
-a less intimidating way to change the music?
-more hitstun?
-smaller characters?
-evil Dan?
-candy matches?
-more meters?
-frequent marvel player miles on JetBlue?
-marvel-player-resistant couch liner?

contribute to the community… ENGAGE!

More anime. Every good game has anime. I mean, look, Street Fighter had several animes. Guilty Gear is almost an anime in itself. There have been many SNK animes.

Easier way to change the music would be great. Perhaps preloaded j-pop songs and anime show opening songs!

More meters. I think every game needs at least eight meters. A life meter, a guard meter, a meter meter, a boost meter, a burst meter, judgment meter, a meter that just fills and empties at random and a time meter are all musts. For meters.

Also, make it easier to macro infinites to one button. Execution is a hassle. Maybe Capcom could make a big arcade stick with 500 buttons on it that all do the best combos for every character, which would effectively balance the game. Maybe put anime graphics on it.

add Melty Blood in Capcom to fufill anime.

if it was easy to find…

I approve of this thread.

Needz moar comb0z

Needz h4wt girl ch4rikt3rz

after 20 hits, your opponent gains health with each hit rather than losing health

Best idea I’ve ever heard.

There should be a moist hole on the side of the machine that people can stick there dicks into,while they wait for their turn.

I play marvel somewhat casually now.

However it would greatly help to: Get rid of Mag, storm, sent, cable, IM, Doom, cyke, iceman, delete anti-air assists for psylock, commando, BH, and projectile assist for T-bone. Creating a fairly balanced game that all the top-tier guys will stay away from because the thought of playing only lower-tiers would warp their fragile little minds.

Top player: “yo man, guile does not have a tri-jump? How do you do sakura’s x3 viper beam? Dude this char does not even have a gun!”

In addition to that: An all new reworked soundtrack, and spiffy all-new re-done character select, vs, title, and post-fight screens would be cool too.


Needs more Killer Instinct.


Give guile a comb-projectile with matching super.

It can be a lot like storm’s hail, except a bunch of combs are falling and giving the other character splinter’s of doom!

-more time to react

  • More character and team diversity in high level play.

  • Balance = Less power gap between tiers.

  • GG-style ‘burst’ system to escape combos/traps.

  • Better music! :annoy:


My reasons are the TRUTH. Others need not apply! =P

Sad thing is if most top players I see plays the same team or only top tier characters,I bet if most of marvel top players had no cable,magneto,storm,ironman,sentinel,they would have quit marvel a long time ago.Then the Marvel community would actually have top players that plays everyone in the mvc2 roster.

I guess I’m the only person who likes mvc2’s music


moar combos