What would it take for you to play marvel competetively?

This question was posed in Fg discussion and I wanted to ask it here. What keeps you from playing mvc2 competetively? What do you dislike about the game that keeps you from playing? is it the balance issue(overrated issue imo). Do you think the game is too hard to learn? no one to play? post up and let me know

I’m fucking up too much to play Marvel competitively.

I’m learning it right now(Even though I am playing on the skewed Ps2 version).

Fun game.

As of right now I am make absolutely NO plans to travel to any arcades though.I am pretty much going to shut off all other fighting games so I can learn how to play it.It’s my attempt to keep the Marvel vs Capcom 2 community fresh.

Derek (ObservedEgo) and his super combos.

That, and well, I have no one else to play besides Derek, who gets better as I get better, so it’s like I always am the worst at this game.

Rocket Punch! No seriously, I don’t get enough play down here for that game.

Their is a fuck load of shit to learn in that game. Almost to the degree that it feels

like I’m not performing well even though I’m trying hard ass fuck. This same

feeling comes in when I play Johnny in Guilty Gear against you George. Or when I

play Tekken (fucking Tekken of all games). Maybe its just that I feel that its

hopeless to try to get better because I’m so far behind. Also training by yourself

is ultra gay. I been doing that shit for years, and I’ll tell you it has not made me a

better player in 3s,gg, etc. Why! Because I don’t know what I’m practicing for. All

the combos, mix-ups, throw setups, in the world won’t make any better because I

don’t know the situations to apply them too and it only takes one ass kicking for

me to put the self-defeating voice in my head.

Rant Over

[Mario Gomez]

TOO far behind…


Same, im way behind in the times. The last time i played i thought Gief was good.

Still would try to learn it though…


The main thing i hate about the game, and the reason i play the game.

I hate sentinel cause he’s too good, but getting the Sakura infinite against him is the reason why i play the game.

Storm/Sakura/Tronne ftl!!

1). Don’t have a DC stick and playing it on any other System is a waste of time (Or is it!?)

2). I’m scrubby at that game but I love to watch the science of it so I guess there’s some faint interest.

3). Chicago OWNS SLASH so right now, I’m trying to keep up with that and play more.

4). I <3 3S.

George -

If you sifted through the FGD thread, then you would’ve read that the #1 complaint/barrier that all the non-Marvel players cited was the steep learning curve. More so than any other current 2D fighter, Marvel’s learning curve is just insane. In response to my idea of tutorial videos, Potter even said that teaching the basics would take 10+ hours of videos…

The other reasons for not playing Marvel are somewhat valid, but the main barrier between “us” and “them” is the steep learning curve. Most people don’t have the patience to learn Marvel, and for those who do, actual time is an issue (especially if they already have a primary game they’re trying to master).

So to sum it all up for you George (and this in general, some reasons have more weight than others for different people): (1.) steep learning curve (2.) lack of immediate competition (3.) lack of necessary equipment (4.) unwillingness/inability to actually play Marvel (5.) unhappy with character selection (this reason is stupid, but for some, it’s the main reason they don’t like Marvel).

By the way, this is Andrew N. from WI. A non-Marvel player at heart.

Ok from the looks of it. It sounds like the learning curve is the biggest hurdle. Well Imo it’s not about the learning curve. But it’s about being clueless in being certain situations. So what Im going to do is this: I’m going to make a beginners guide to mvc2 for us,The midwest. I will break down what is REQUIRED to know.Basic descriptions of matchups. Youtube videos to help guide you and so forth. Expect this by the end of tonight or tommorow.

This is the first step. However, please start with the basics only. No complex link/assist combos are needed if non-Marvel players don’t even understand how to move across the screen properly.

Good shit George, ill look forward to it.

Good Shit.Will you be playing the Dreamcast version or Ps2/Xbox version?

Don’t bother playing anything but DC or arcade. :stuck_out_tongue:

aight the tutorial is here:

first off, im not good in marvel but i do know the basics of the characters. i can do the mag infinite and so on.

many of the new players just jump straight to learn the four gods-mags, sent, storm cable. they jump straight in trying to learn mag infinite, fast fly…etc. that stuff is way too advanced for new players. i had trouble just learning the basic air combo (launch,lp,lk,mp,mk,hk) when i first started to play. i say just spend a day messing around with the low tiers and learn the basics of the game and the game Engine.

since marvel is a really, really fast past game, new players need to have solid DEFENSE. these days, mags/storm’s resets and cross ups are very confusing which leads to a dead characters within seconds if you guess wrong blocking or not paying attention.

new players also need somebody to spar with because the ai is complete garbage. i get beasted when i go to nickels(in any game) because i got no experience playing Elite players.

george, that’s a good beginners guide you linked. i would suggest putting a small section for pushblocking in the next part. you did mention it at the gb section but didnt explain much. pushblocking is real important when you getting rushed down.

i dont think the learning curve is that steep, maybe for sent. shit, i just started to learn ino and its pretty bad. i spent like 4 hrs today just try to do her basic hcl frc combo with tremendous failure. anyways, its just that the good players know what to do in certain situations. its also pointless for a noob to play a intermediate-elite player because your just gonna get wrecked. i say just ask for help, tips, or tell your buddy to take it easy.

didnt intend to make this long but thats my 2 cents


There is nothing stopping me from playing Marvel competitively

I plan on owning the Midwest at it

only thing that really “stopped” me from playing was the god damned competition gap I experienced from when I moved from Houston to here, experiencing HORRIBLE comp at my local arcade (at the time) and then going to this one dudes place (knownaswolf) and gettin’ my ass handed to me ROYALLY by his friend marcus, and then experiencing the TCBD (Team Chicago Beat Down) basically…I missed a lot, but I’m willing to still play, despite that my team isn’t the best (granted, my third character is everchanging)

It doesn’t really interest me because of the balance issues. Most of the cast is unplayable competitively. Sure there are a few characters that I like, but I have to pair them with characters I don’t like, just not that appealing to me.

That and I only have the PS2 version.