What would it take for you to play Streets of Rage 2 competitively?

That game is all footsies. IN THREE DIMENSIONS!! With freakin’ pipes!

I keep bringing it up but everyone thinks i’m joking. Well, i am, but i’m also not. It’s deep.

Are you serious??? Has anyone ever thought of that?



More characters.

Also, eKiN still owes me some match videos of top players (aka Genghis) playing Rainbow Edition. What if someone brings up RE in a theory fighter argument? How am i supposed to own them up? I’m not ready. I’m totally unprepared. I could lose all my e-fans forever!

I’m tired of living with this constant fear every day of my life. It’s just not fair. It’s just not fair.

Axel for top tier. Grand Upper > everything

you motherfuckers need to get up on that Streets Of Rage Remake Versus / Battle mode, shit is too hot
Zan is top fucking tier

I’ll have it on my comp at Evo East if anyone wants to play ( of course i’m mainly setting it up for TMNT:TF and Monster though )

How is that remake? Does it feel right? I saw a youtube video and the hits looked different. Is it easy to install?

the remake is GOLD
it’s actually really solid, you can select if you want the system to be like SoR2 or 3
it’s very easy to install, the beta that Bomber Studios released is the full game, just unzip, config your controls and play, works with my stick which is vicious
you can tell the guys who made it have a solid love for SoR because they brought back the police missile assist from 1, brought back Adam, redid a ton of graphical stuff, it feels like a really well handled, recrafted game, unlike all the Beats Of Rage clones
if you ever liked SoR at all you need to play this

Remixed music as well.

yeah, forgot about that too lol ;V

a TON of it, too, they got a fuckload of remixers to come up with some hot shit for it

toooooo good :tup:

So is somebody gonna post match videos or what?? We need to turn this joke thread into a joke champ!

Can you even fight each other in SOR2? I forget.

I used to play Double Dragon for Nintendo competitively.

cant fuck with those big black dudes!!!

SoR3 > SoR2

you get a roll, run, specials, and character specific weapon specials

Wtf why is this thread on second page? SRK staff has totally lost touch with the community. Evo should be about games that start with the word “Street”!!! Instead we got games that start with the word “Guilty” which is what you people are!

Mario Kart at Evo? Please! Wizard, you think we can’t see through your conspiracies? Mario Kart DS was obviously your attempt to soften everybody up for Rush 2049 at Evo2k9.

by the way did anyone mention that the remake has branching paths?

if alpha 1 guy was in it

Mania Mode.

Seriously, it’s unbeatable. Anyone who said they did is lying…

ff+B = Bare Knuckle

Or as a friend of mine would say, “Panda PAW!”