What would it take for you to play Streets of Rage 2 competitively?

I always heard “Raptor Cut!”

Ah, the good old days of poorly digitized voices.

Do you mean story wise?? If so, then SoR 3 had branching paths also, which i thought was pretty dope. The funny thing is, if you go the “wrong” path, the game gets insanely hard:tup:

Just make sure I can use the kangaroo.

if adam was in it, i’d get down!

River City Ransom box infinite > SOR2

Well, what are we waiting for? 4649, you better bring this to Evo East!

More boxing Kangaroo’s on skates.

What would it take me to play it competitively? … large cash prize.

ash ftw …

consider that shit brought yo ~<3

Koryuu Sf2 CE is far superior.

Nothing. Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle 3 is better.

Damn Majestros! Even Desora is playing this!


Any match vids?

Links/vids/no more jokes or thread gets closed.

I think he was probably talking about this video:

Anyway yeah, just close the thread. I’m surprised it lasted this long. If anyone ever finds any Streets of Rage match videos, i’m sure we’ll all hear about it. Doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon though.