What would it take to featured in an Art Museum until the end of time?

this is specifically for modern artists and youngins like ourselves. What would it take to be featured in an Art Museum?

Sadly, it won’t be because just because of talent. Let’s face it, in the age of internet talent is a dime a dozen. While I’m pretty sure truly talented people are still rare, the free exchange of info means that you’re quickly compared to others of equal or greater talent. Also, people get to choose the style they like, unlike the before where art is whatever is thrust at them.


Celebrity status or simply be controversial. Go out and save the whales by tying yourself to a whaling ship or something, get on CNN, then paint your heart out.

Get hired by the next big card game. Despite the hate thrown at card games in these boards, popular cards are tickets to fame. The lines that form to ask for Magic The Gathering autographs can be insane, and its the geeky players today that will put up the museums of tomorrow.

Do something the equivalent of the sistine chapel when you’re, like, 2 years old. Or become a quadraplegic, then pull something off like a marble sculpture that you hammer & chiselled with your teeth. Something that will make people say, holy shit, that’s impossible.

Whatever the establishment likes as art.

Seriously I don’t think that there won’t be any real significant art until we enter a real shitty war. Like I mean even WORST than Iraq. I don’t hope for it, but until we reach a time where there is a great depression or a great war or just something that causes a huge social upheaval…we’re stuck as fucking punks making pretty colours on a canvas.

Nobody really feels anymore, and moreso there are far less people who associated themselves with art beyond thinking it’s cool or “significant”. And it doesn’t help that the art world is one of the most biased groups ever with the hypocrisy of free speech and art for art’s sake. It’s a surprise that it didn’t collapse under the weight of it’s own BULLSHIT.

But I don’t know, perhaps it’s because we are living in the time, we don’t know what art is significant. It wasn’t until decades later that the influences in art are realized in the next art movement.