What would like to have as the entry fee for this event? We will have this poll up to July 26, 2013

H.O.C x Mashfest Presents - The OverDrive Series

What’s good everyone. The HOC is finally going out of the house into the heart of NYC. We going to start a tournament call The OverDrive series and have your favorite fighting games. I hope to see all players from all boroughs and surrounding areas attend this event. So come on through and let’s have a good time.

August 13th 2013
Tournament Start time:8:00pm (not any later so be on time please)

Fashion 40 Lounge
202 W 40th St Manhattan, NY 10018
Right next to Midtown comics


Bar Specials:
2-for-1 Drinks (beers, mixed well drinks)
Food Specials (Coming Soon)
Must be 21+
If you are under 21, or bring any outside liquor, you will be asked to leave.

Venue Fee: $10
Payout: 70/20/10
Entry Fees Per Game:(Go down to the bottom of the page and vote).

Games/Rules: (All games will be ran on Xbox360)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - ($)
3/5 the whole way
99 Sec

Super Street Fighter 4 AEver2012 - ($)
2/3 games (2/3 rounds)
3/5 games (2/3 rounds) Winners,Losers,Grand Finals

Injustice: Gods Among Us - ($)
2/3 Games
3/5 Games Winners, Losers, Grand Finals
1st stage random, Loser Picks After

**King of Fighters XII - ($) PENDING

General Rules:

  • Wireless Controllers are allowed but must take out battery after you match. Penalty if found out you havent turned it off after your match.
  • No Game Breaking Glitches
  • Winner stays with the same Char/Team, Loser can change Char/Team
  • Pause/Home Screen button or controller malfunction is up to opponent to take round or keep playing.