What would make Rose

Realistically Better?

If you wanted to see changes to Rose as a character, what would you buff? What would you nerf?

I honestly don’t think capcom got any feedback from the player base they tested (lol japan) on rose.

For now I think everyone agrees that:

  1. We would like U1 to be faster
  2. HP reflect would be better with a bigger hitbox
  3. a EX Soul Spiral that’s fully invincible (have 13 frame of invincibility instead of 11 frames)
  4. Bring back Rose’s U2 with the same hitbox as in Super and with 5 frame startup

For these…I’m not sure:

  1. A faster Soul Throw (or EX Soul throw)
  2. Vanilla sweep back (-3 on block)
  3. Soul Spark meter gain back
  4. More damage on EX moves

re: why don’t YOU play rose
:coffee: thoughtful answers three, you’ll receive from me

  1. her cr.hp should be abel to semi-launch for soul throw combos.
  2. her soul absorb could stack to buff her other specials (and FA) like in SFA series.
  3. her soul reflects could use some more utility (cl.overhead and cl.launch effect or an anti zone buff)

atleast that’s what I was expecting to see as buffs… :bluu:

More juggle points on some of her moves…Being able to HP reflect into like normals for mixups
Better hitbox on her reflects…
Better FA hitbox…
Cl.st.Mk as overhead I mean come on it’s already airbourne

These three would do it for me

  1. Slight damage increase
  2. Some form of overhead.
  3. Speed up the start up of U1.

I honestly think super Rose was perfectly fine. The only thing that was glaringly horrible was her focus attack. Nothing was really obviously overpowered/broken either. :confused: If they were going to take out U2’s invincibility, I would’ve at least made her EX spiral a little better and raised U2’s damage. And make U1’s startup better.

  1. Give mp and hp soul reflect juggle properties into U1
  2. Small Damage Buff/Make st.LP and st.LK +3 on guard
  3. Speed up U1’s start up

If I had to say 3 things:

  1. Make cl.MK an overhead.
  2. Give her st. forward cancellable properties, similar in Alpha 2.
  3. Fix her U1 start-up.

I know its crazy but capcom should implement her 7 shadows like in alpha 0.

  1. Counter hit cr.fp should allow juggle into Soul Throw
  2. Damage buff somewhere. Perhaps +10 damage to Soul Spiral and U2
  3. Some overhead, even if not terribly effective.

Are you talking about Soul Illusion? The Soul Illusion super was functionally similar to Yang’s Seiei Enbu. She only had 2 shadows behind her that added their own hit and damage to her normals, Soul Spiral, and Soul Reflect.

If they implement that(soul illussion) ill stop using yun xp, just imagine doing slide and those follow up hits.

Legitimately? Revert her back to Super state.

But for blah blah soul satellite cheap reasons:

  • 150 damage per throw.
  • Make EX Spiral 13f inv. instead of 11; make it completely anti throw like it’s property says.
  • give full invincibility to soul throw on start up; keep 8f start up.
  • 30/20 instead of 20/20 meter gain on spark.

She’d still get blown up on wake up, but it would have to be better time safe jumps now; it’s hard to make mistakes against Rose.
The completely invincible ex spiral would make it go through o/s dps or atleast trade.

I ask for nothing more >.>

just say f+hk overhead and its a deal.

-A3 pushback on sparks so you can’t jump out of c.mp xx l.spark
-Fierce Spiral damage increase to 120. EX Spiral fully invincible to throws and damage increase to 130.
-Satellite to recover faster(5 frames), not invincible, Hit box back to Super size.
-10 frame startup on U1

  • All recovery on regular sparks decreased by 1 frame.
    -Standing strong’s hitbox should be a little bigger.
  • Give Soul Spark its special pushback property from the Street Fighter Alpha series.
  • Increase the damage on Soul Spiral. Medium Soul Spiral does 2 hits; Heavy does 3 hits.
  • Increase the duration and adjust the hitbox of Reflect to make it more viable outside of reflecting fireballs.
  • Anton’s Soul Throw buff OR expand the grab range of Soul Throw even further so that it can beat some meaty aerial attacks.

I’m seriously going to forward this thread to capcom. So I really wanna see some good responses and well thought out.

We can make rose good together if we petition it. According to some sources there is a patch after evo.

Realisticaly, i’d at least :

1.) A real reversal.
2.) Adjust ST or just EX ST so as to make it a viable semi-threat during untechable knockdowns. The fact that it has slow startup AND doesn’t punish the recovery landing frames is pretty goddarn stupid. Every reversal has to be safe jumped otherwise they punish the 4 recovery landing frames Too bad ST doesn’t grab characters on the ground so the 4 recovery frames ISN’T EVEN FUCKEN RECOVERY FRAMES.
3.) Make cr. strong good again.
4.) 38 recovery frames on a fireball? Or if you want to more precise, 52 total frames? Really? Whose bright fucken idea was that? Give her 38 recovery frames AND make her special anti-air ass? FIX IT.

Unrealistically, i’d like:

1.) Ultra 2 back?
2.) Make it so you don’t have to FADC off of a heavy reflect to just to be able to ST. That way, j.mk cr. jab h. reflect is a legitimate hit confirm.


  1. More Damage or More Health - Not a lot but a subtle amount. In general its lame that the females got shafted in both areas but Rose always felt like she should have one or the other here.
  2. An actual reversal or something better on wake up. Effin anything.
  3. Better start up on U1.
  4. Soul Throw viable in more situations, so annoying to not be able to just throw it out because you know your going to get hit no matter how obvious the jump in was.
  5. Reflects have some better uses. Right now its my “gtfo me Yun/Yang” weapon but if they block it … uh oh :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Better Focus, or make it useful lol.
  7. Illusion… yeah I would love to have that back.
  8. Spark - Super. Still dont see why it was removed.

I dunno am I weird that I like the pace of Rose’s fireballs? Everyone says its too weird to get used to for the people who dont play her.

cr strong is good and the same and great and blah blah blah.

oh yeah, give her back her alpha voice while they’re at it.

I never knew about this A3 pushback on sparks.

But to correctly make Rose fair, fix EX Spiral, give her a bit more damage on EX Spiral. Give her a general damage boost. Keep her free on wake up.

A dive kick.

No seriously guys, yall have to think about what character Rose is, there’s no point turning her into another character. The fundamentals of Rose are footsies, few to none wakeup options, no gimmicks. It’s just straight up footsies/frame traps.

With that in mind, my suggestions:

  1. Better hit/hurt box on c.mp, back to Super at least. c.mp is one of the defining traits of Rose, we should emphasize it.
  2. Bigger orbit on U2. It’s a ultra for walking people back - it should be hard for people to jab you out of it, not easier.
  3. s.lk with the close s.hk animation and hitbox. A fast, low damage anti-air, to deal with divekicks. Specifically, to deal with Yun stepping on your head. Now, even if you’re expecting that particular angle of divekick, you can’t do much about it - c.hp has too much startup, and the angle of s.lp is bad for stopping divekicks.