What would mvc2 tiers be like without marvel characters?

what teams would be dominating mvc2 if marvel characters weren’t used?

PLEASE don’t come in here to hate on mvc2 or say how illogical my question is or why you’re hots–t and i’m dumbs–t for asking this question :confused::rolleyes:

i’m just curious to see what the serious mvc2 gamers think.

cammy dhalsim guile become top tier

capcom assist abused even more

stupid questions like these are still asked

O LOL IONO I mean let’s continue to post MARVEL shit in the FGD BOARD, when there’s a MARVEL board dedicated to this shit.

You don’t have to censor shit. See? Shit. Shitty shit mcshit-shit.

EDIT: You can also say fuck.

Holy shit!


Tron would probably see a lot more play as well.

Pinion, send me a pm. I think we need to chat =D

I wouldn’t know cuz I wouldn’t play.


Cammy, Strider, Dhalsim IMO. Tron and Ken would probably be up there, too.

Where does Cammy rank right now?

Uh, top tier would be Cammy, Dhalsim, and Anakaris.

Seriously, Anak is underrated as fuck.

It would be like street fighter

Strider could be a lot better. A lot more formidable. Perhaps. =/

Doom is marvel…

BB Hood …

why would u call it MVC2 and then take out the M…?

Magneto would be the best character. You can’t get rid of Magneto; he’s Magneto. Magneto is unaffected by your retarded thoughts.

This post would have been funnier if I had the vid of Magneto talking in 3rd person in an old F4 episode.

Strider/Jill(or cammy)/T-bone assist abused even more.

Thats about right.

Assuming for the moment that is not sarcasm, Correction:

Sentinel is marvel.

Megaman would own your soul.

a much more interesting version of Capcom Fighting Evolution.