What would the FG community be without the internet?


I think it would suck since it would be incredibly hard to spread the word about tournaments. Plus I think everyone would still be doing combos like jumping HK -> crouching HK. :rofl:

It would be how it was 10+ yrs. ago. Back when malls had arcades with fighting games they would sponsor their own tournies. Especially when KI was big.

Without the internet? The scene would have
died out. Home console would have kicked the
mall arcades ass and lack of fundamental game
knowledge would have made the games get "old"
much quicker. The player base at arcades would
also be much smaller (I know it’s hard to imagine
how can a scene that doesn’t really exist get smaller.)

People who are good at application
but stink at innovation wouldn’t be
spoon fed what they need to win.

Not to mention communication between states
and even people within the same state would
be limited. Often before the information giant
took off many people looked @ those who could
beat them simply as assholes and not part of the
same community/club. Result? People who normally
wouldn’t converse, don’t. Internet gives people a
buffer zone so they can relate to competitors in
their area before actually meeting them.

Of course all of this is like…Duh.

Lack of the internet

yep that is about it the scene would die a slow and horrible death except for a few that try to hold on.


Without the internet, online gaming would never have boomed and arcades could have lived on. Fighting games would probably not get raped by FPS as it is now.

A lot of games would have flopped. I would have never even seen NGBC and the new Samsho, the only reason I know about them is I hang out at messageboards.

And this is different how? :looney:

But yeah, things would just be more like they were 10-15 years ago. You’d have a harder time communicating with people outside your local arcade, mid-to-high level strats wouldn’t be common knowledge, and consequently you’d have less xcopyism & more originality.

At least that’s how I remember things.

what would the FG community be without the internet?

Shit, what would the fuckin’ world be without the internet?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the internet has been like a double-edged sword.

On the one side, it has brought together people around the world with a common interest. Tips and tricks can be disscussed and swapped just as fast as they can be discovered. New life gets breathed into old games because of discovering and sharing a new trick.

Then you have the other side. The internet has turned many an average player into a master/monster. Those not in the “inner circle” of a fighting game community get ‘pwned’ by such beasts. Because of the speed at which we can now share tips, tricks, and other secrets, (1) many have given up on self-exploration and are simply waiting until ‘top-tier’ characters and/or techniques are discovered, (2) ‘cookie-cutter’ players are on the rise, and (3) the majority of ‘what needs to be known to win’ is discovered in about a year’s time (or less).

I have no hatred for what the internet has done for the FG community. My fighting skills have not matured since the turn of the millenium, but thanx to the internet, I know the potential of certain characters/tactics in new FG’s and (since I’m no good with them or they’re too hard to master) I can determine how I need to attack or defend myself.

Really, for me, the internet has been BOTH a blessing and a curse to the FG community…

^ Good point, player2. I’ve often thought of it as a double-edged sword myself.

Another aspect of this: The same technology that allows us to share strats and set up gatherings from far away much easier also enabled piracy to a degree you couldn’t even really conceptualize pre-Internet.

It’s impossible to quantify how many millions of potential profit dollars per year were lost by fighting game companies due to this, or even how many other companies decided not to throw their hat into the ring because this very thing.

I’m not saying SF would be healthy as a horse here in 2k6 were it not for that or anything… but it’s certainly something to consider.

This is probably what kills new games for me the most. Back in my wee days I used to play SF2 and Marvel Super Heroes ALOT. I would play with each character trying to make up the longest combos I could possibly make up, then go test them against level 8 computers. Then I’d go to the laundrymat nearby that had it and play against other people. Fun times. Now 8 years later here I am finding out there were infinites in MSH that I had no idea existed, and that spiderman is crap tier :sad: Guess what, now no one goes into training mode and tests things out (obviously there are exceptions but you know what i mean), they just wait until they see which characters are winning all the tournies in japan, then mimic those top players.

I still do play fighting games for comp, but it sort of ruins everything in a way when the top tier characters are discovered within the first month of its release (hokuto no ken, rumble fish 2 for starters). If no one knew about tiers things might be a little more interesting. Its sort of the like the game is already mapped out, no more room for innovation.

But hey, i still love fighting games, and in this dying scene you have to take what you can get, even if its all broken as hell and everyones copying eachother. and because of the internet i found out there was still one arcade left in nyc…

didnt SNK go to atomiswave solely to prevent emulation? Well in a way i guess it was good that they were forced to go to new hardware…

Actually with the 10/15 people I regularly play with, none of them post on SRK. In fact, I don’t even think they read it. But they’re all highly competitive, just from spending hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours playing the game.

You have a gift, my friend.

I’ve been trying to play KOF XI off and on. Whenever I play, it never fails that some dude will have Oswald and/or elizabeth on their team. Whenever I get hit, the only thing I can think of (since there is a lot of time to think during their long combo) is: “Hey, I remember seeing that combo on ‘something’.com!”

Thanks to the internet, I was able to arm myself against Oswald’s unblockable card trick. It’s going to take some time to get used to Saving Shift and all that other good stuff that the new KOF has to offer, but I’ll get to it one day. Life for me is just too busy for me to devote chunks of my day to playing games.

BTW, I lost to the dude three times before I beat him. What felt good was that the win was a 1.5CV. I won with King. What REALLY felt good was King’s win quote, something about ‘winning with the fundamentals.’

In the end (after he came back and wiped the floor with me), I walked away thinking that “it’s the fighting sense that matters,” not the victory itself. That’s the feeling that has almost been lost (or can’t be found) in today’s newer players.

what would any community be like without internet?


Were it not for the internet, there would be no reason for FPSs to take off. The tech could POSSIBLY still get there, but without internet play you’d reduce them to LAN parties, which would be just as hard to advertise as our tournaments. There also wouldn’t be net cafes.

Our problem right now is that no one WANTS to leave their home. Why go x miles to get beat down by some guys that’s better than you, and one day have a revelation that you can get better if you understood what you’re doing, when you can play your little circle of guys you can beat on XBL?

EDIT: By no one, I mean the player that used to fill the gap in the arcades back in the day, the cannon fodder, the low-level player.

If not for the internet there wouldn’t so many dominating strategies
available for non innovative players to leech off of. Frankly I think the
problem with the internet is there’s too much good information available for otherwise average players. Widening the already insurmountable gap for
the casual/scrub player.

Personally I think our problem right now is that noone WANTS to get
their ass kicked. There is way too much research and practice with
playing fighting games for the average joe. When an average player
goes up against someone who’s put in their time and energy studying
and practicing these games it’s not just noticeable it’s friggin embarassing.
I should know as far as fighters are concerned I am the average joe due
to old age and responsibilities. Sometimes I just look at the screen like WTF
just happened. Time to go home and play battlefield bitches!

From my experience in the FPS world which I made my name in. Sure I might
win but I also beat like 25 other people on that map. Big difference between he kicked OUR asses, and he kicked MY ass. Fighting games are too personal honestly for most people to be able to lose gracefully.

Someone wins in FPS it’s either:

Loser: Wow he’s good/Damn botter/lucky fuck/gg.

Someone loses in fighters its:

Loser: WTF was that?/I can’t even get up/You play this a lot huh?/
Fucking turtler!/Cheap shit!/I can’t stand that shit?/What are you
afraid ot me?/No skill bullshit./…the list goes on and on.

I even see fighting game guys get pissed when you say good game!
Wtf is that about. Not that it ddesn’t happen in FPS games but fuck em
their behind a computer screen =)

I agree.

The only thing that keeps me playing (in spite of the combo video-style beatdowns) is finding the opponent’s weakest link. The fake players imitate techniqes; the real ones apply them to situations. Once you find that gaping hole in a fake player’s strategy, the rest is child’s play.

Mind you, I give props to players who know what they’re doing (and there are a lot of you guys out there who put in the time and paid your dues :tup: ). I just get sick of the people who see/read something on the net and assume it’s law.

Case in point: Back in the day when people started hopping on the Psylocke AAA, I (like the stubborn person I am) continued to use her projectile assist. After about 2 losses, the young punks around me tell me I ‘was using the wrong assist for Psylocke.’ Being the stubborn person I was, I picked up my same laughable team of Wolverine (expansion type), Psylocke (projectile type), and Storm (projectile type) again, ticked-off @ the fact that they would even attempt to give me some soul-selling advice. As all good stories this go, I beat the kid with all my characters intact (each about 45% of a bar away from dying). I was so happy that I walked out of the arcade, leaving them at the machine.

For me it wasn’t that I won. It was about doing it MY way. Win or lose, I want it to be done MY way, not some one else’s way…

yeah, you should have picked psylocke’s aaa. seriously.

Hey guys, I never played this game, but I’m too good for experimenting. Who’s the top tier? How do you do glitch with him?