What would VF5 be like played online?

Someone in another thread posed this thought, so I ask too…what do you all think VF5 would be like online? Will/would anyone play it?

You do throw escape but it never works. You do a guaranteed punisher but it gets blocked. You dodge but gets hit instead. You do a combo but it doesn’t connect. You do fuzzy guard but you eats everything. VF5 online? No…

Built w/ the right infastructure it could work. I think the fact that they haven’t tried is more of a bigger issue because there could be something that works but they haven’t found it yet. Internet is getting better and better but the Japanese developers are so far behind, they think as tian does, as does many other people. If you continually think one thing then it will always be that way.

PS3 network is already peer to peer which means you are getting the fastest connection possible (considering you have cable or live really close for DSL) hasn’t anybody even heard of lag-less play on Resistance? They could make it to where you can only play people in and around your state for the fastest and lagless connection possible yet we’ll never know because they haven’t tried. Look at DOA. On good games w/ good connections it plays just fine.

I would play, but I’m sure people will discover flaws with the gameplay in time.

the same crap that you see in other fighting games online.

it would be kinda the same except fuzzy guard wont work

With any online play, it would be a game worth learning, if it had online play that was implemented well, it would be a game worth learning to be great at.

Laggy…what else?

LOL of course people would play it.

DOA is ok online. Still lots of lag, but it’s mostly lots of lag spikes.

A. It would be great if you have nobody to play and have no desire to search out people to play, no desire to advance the game or community, and no desire to know what “great” really is.


B. It would suck complete balls if you have somebody to play with or have the desire to search out people to play, desire to advance the game or community, and desire to truely know what “great” really is.


Which one are you?

No. You either made that up or you need a new ISP. Or you played like one bad game that just so happened to be a bad one and your post is wholly a fabrication. Which is the most likely possibility.

But yeah…people say that the CCC2 version of ST is garbage because there are music problems on a couple levels. What chance does any game stand? People will bitch about it. So you buy it. Play it. And shut the hell up.

Or maybe you’ve only played the game online and you have no idea what it’s like without input delay.

The only games i’ve played where i’ve never had noticable input delay are MK:D/A and CFE


There’s physical latency built into network devices. Small enough, yes, doesn’t make difference to people in FPS games and whatnot, but you can’t have a fighting game without at least 1-2 frames of latency, even if the boxes are quite close. GGPO technical games.

Sounds like DOA online, lol.

DOA is ok to play online due to the way the game works. It isn’t perfect, but it certainly is playable.

VF5 on the other hand would not work the way it should online. Fuzzy guarding is just one instance. there are too many slight variations dependent on timing for the game to work.

Power of the double-quote, mwhahahaha

neways, this is probably the same reason why Tekken won’t make it online(minus the fuzzy guarding).

You obviously haven’t played the CCC2 version of ST. The downfall to that game is the slowdown on a couple of stages. That AFFECTS the gameplay…A LOT.

Anyway, it’s possible that it could work. But, we’d have to wait for internet MarkII. The way it stands at the moment, it’s too tricky to make it work because the game works frame for frame. The last thing you need is a bit of lag. Especially input delay(which probably wouldn’t happen, but what if?).

I’m all for it, it just has to be on point and 100% lag-less.

Sure people would play it, but it would be a completely different game. Then you’d split the community into online players and offline players.

Sega said it before: you can’t just “put VF online.” It wasn’t made to go online in the first place. If Sega was going to make an online fighter, it would have to be designed from the ground up to go online. VF is too far along to be that game; they’d have to step backward, remove things… nobody wants that.

quoted for TRUTH. Sega did say that shit before it was released on PS3, which made it hilarious when all the reviews bitched about it not having online play like that shit was a suprise…