What would we want in a Persona 4A sequel?

Persona 4 Arena has sold well: http://www.siliconera.com/2012/10/19/persona-4-arena-sales-surpassed-expectations-golden-sales-also-strong/

It seems like a good bet that we’ll see another Persona fighting game. What are some changes we’d like to see?

I want Green Block/Pushblock, and I want to play as Kou from the Basketball Club and also Yukari from Persona 3.

I’d like some modification of the auto-combo system, but I’m not sure what that would be. Being able to select a character and then a persona separately would also be cool.

I like the tweeking of the auto-combo system idea, maybe make it more of a chain/magic series idea as opposed to straight out combo with a special cancel to super cancel.

Only the Protagonist in the game gets to choose his Persona, so if they decided to make up a bullshit story I might be down for it, although I don’t think the game created each persona moveset specifically for its unique character, as it could lead to imbalance and top tier personas.

Also, a new voice actor for Teddie. His English voice is intolerable.

The Japanese one is a bit better. He still yells shit like “SHADOOBIE!” though.

Although the story mode was a huge draw for the game, making P4A2 non-canon would be fun. They could add many characters (canonically dead or alive) and the Persona select mechanic

This is really more an issue with the character than the acting. Teddie is a dumb, annoying piece of shit so he is voiced as a dumb, annoying piece of shit.

What I really would love to be in a sequel would be characters from other Megami Tensei series á la KoF dream match. Aleph, the Demi-Fiend, Tadano (Demonica suit), the works.

More normals

Other than more characters I’d like to see story mode branch to have multiple endings like blazblue. That and have more fights so that there are not 6 or so fights per 8 hours of dialogue.
If they were to implement the ability to choose personas, why not go all out and make a fusion mechanic similar to persona fusion where you can inherit skills from the fused personas which could be gained through specific (but manageable) requirements.
Also more modes wouldn’t hurt too.

A revised story mode. For a story mode that’s 40+ hours it’s presentation being static imaginary and walls of text is unacceptable. They could have at least used the sprites to act out the scenes.

Playing through story mode was definitely too much of a grind. If there’s a story mode next time they should have characters viewing entirely different events, not just the same set of events through different eyes.

Oh, I would also love it if instant block were gone in favor of a Skullgirls-esque push block.

No no no. No. No level-up or customization mechanics, at the very least not for player vs player.

You mean like an SMT game?

Maybe a side mode? Then again the more I think about it the idea of anyone else using multiple personas wouldn’t be canon unless you have persona 1 and 2 characters.

Also didn’t they release this game without the SMT title?

The scenes were acted out in the background in Persona 3 and 4. It more than just imaginary and text

  1. pushblock that requires super meter to use.

  2. the ability to PICK a persona. it gives it more of that rpg feel and matches become even more varied and dynamic.

  3. a deeper more specialized tutorial mode(virtua fighter 4). one that explains a character’s purpose. strange that blazblue has it, but this doesn’t.

  4. redesigning of mitsuru, yu, chie and aigis. NO character should be an all-around fighter.

Errr Chie doesn’t belong here. Her range is way too short to be an all-around fighter.

IMO rather than another Persona fighter. I wasn’t character DLC asap dammit.

True dat.

I hate how the persona moves consists of… nothing…
Honestly, why not have A, B, C set for character normals, and D do all the persona stuff. The persona themselves were so bare bones, having all their actions on 1 button is completely possible. C could be a various of extra normals for the characters.

really the only char id want to see changed is naoto, everyone else is ok

more persona moves that acted independently of the character would be cool too (like narukami 5D followup)

The game already has a number of GTFO me options in their DP and bursts. Then the game also gives you frame advantage for timely blocking. I think adding push block might be overdoing it.

I get really salty playing against Yu’s online when I drop Shabrys combos because of a small amount of lag. Then Yu gets an easy punish any new player can execute by using his slide into his super, taking off a third of my life. Uggghhh