What would you call a "good match"?

We all love playing FG’s, but I think a lot of player differ on what they would call a good match. A friend of mine considers getting his ass handed to him a good match because he feels he learned something and it showed him he had a lot of room for improvement in his game. I, on the other hand, can’t fucking stand to have my ass handed to me in a game I’m proficient in. I’m a good sport, but I’m one of those jerks that rarely sends a “gg” or “Nice ____” after getting brought to the gallows by Sir Beatdown.

My idea of a good match is one where both players take as much time as they can to pick their opportunities, and are constantly at odds with each other, with each player throwing out everything they’ve got, but being careful as shit about it(I play grapplers almost exclusively, so I usually play like this all the time), with all round being nimble victories.

Example: [media=youtube]N11-gXJI8ko[/media]

Better than ALL of the Japanese FHD matches that are just rushdown fests and spamming the same broken shit.

What, to you, is a “good match”?

That’s one scrubby ass FHD match right there.

A good game to me on any Street Fighter game online, is probably facing someone that isn’t using Gief, or the same attack over and over with anyone.

A match I win.

A good match for me can be one of many things:

(On a visual level ie. “Good Matches” I enjoy “Watching”)

a) Competant Players facing Competant Players – YouTube already has a million Joe Soap’s uploading fights to their YouTube channel of them beating on clueless people for easy wins… It’s the Decent+ v Decent+ where we may learn something, not some decent guy pulverizing some clueless guy. If I’m in the mood to see some ‘proper’ matches, I’ll typically resort to tournament level videos.

b) Underdogs – Fighting Games almost always have their tiers - Wether accurate or not, it’s always nice or fun to see a character being used who’s hailed as “Weak” by the general majority - Good example was an event (Likely Evo or something) a few years back and SF4 saw a player emerge with a nasty Gen - The entire crowd ended up rooting for him as Gen is rarely ever seen and typically regarded as low tier by tournament standards - AFAIR the bloke got to the Semi’s or something before someone got the better of him.

c) Plain, simple fun – This doesn’t even have to involve competant players or underdogs - Sometimes a match contains moments of sheer ridiculousness, fun, mayhem or just plain watchability through being uncommon, strange or fresh. These are the videos I turn to when I’ve seen enough tournament /// serious matches and want to see the less noticed fun side to fighting games.

As for playing:

Any match against someone who’s equal or better than me, hasn’t got a dirty sour attitude and where both show eachother respect afterwards, to me, is a good match, win or lose.

If it’s a close match that’s pretty exciting, that’s it for me. I played a best 3/5 round Guile mirror against a friend the other day and we were just both on our A-game with pretty much every round being really close. Even though I lost, I had a great time doing it. Sure I’d prefer to win, but as long as the fight is exciting, I consider that a good match.

Anything that’s not online

Any match I lose - then there’s something to learn

A good match is where both players display a lot of skill and don’t make many mistakes. Close matches can be cool, but a close match between shitty players isn’t a good match. A blowout isn’t really that great either because that usually means the loser defeated themselves.

Any match were both players are fighting to the best of their abilities.

anything i enjoy because that’s why we’re playing these games in the first place, hopefully.

i think everyone gets the elitism stick up their ass from time to time, some more than others but if you’re not having fun then don’t play. i play 99% of my matches online now a days and i’m still having fun. im also leveling up, ive improved my kof game soo much in the past week just playing online. when i see people bitching about netplay it makes me wonder why they’re continuing to play. same thing with sf4, i enjoy sf4. i dont think it’s the best game but it’s fun to me. however i see so many people bitching about the game yet they still continue to play it. that doesn’t make sense to me.

Any game where I make a minimal amount of mistakes, consistently execute, and punish effectively.

Or: any game where my opponent continues to do dumb shit and I continue to punish the fuck out of him for it.

The worst match you can play is one where you keep fucking up and lose because of it, or where you know what your opponent is going to do and you don’t have the answer for it.

One that’s not insanely one sided.

I dunno. That double perfect match with J’s makoto was fun to watch.


haha That’s actually pretty bad-ass.

when the match ends and i immediately want to play again-which can happen for any number of reasons:

  1. I got my ass handed to me because I was careless and got hit by psylocke, or died cause of some other stupid reason and i feel like I didn’t get to show off my true skill.
  2. I won, but it was a close game and I need a rematch to solidify my domincance
  4. I’m losing every time, but every time I’m losing its by less that a 5% difference in life so if i just don’t make one stupid mistake…

if i dont feel any of that, win or loss, its not ggs for me. Ive rage won before, taunting, flying backwards, telling the person “play for real or go away stop wasting my time”

A match when the other person rage quits

When it actually feels like I’m trying and the person I play feels superior in execution when I lose horribly, or is close when its win/lose normally.
The only times I haven’t rage ranted in a fighter at least once was Melty, AH3, and BB. That may be the fact the online isn’t crap in those.

Offline, there’s no point to not give a handshake or say nice match unless you or your opponent was being ass.

A match when I get 100-0 off of a vortex for free. It’s sounds pretty cheesy I’m sure, but the super-high risk super-high reward makes it feel like a real fight in spirit where any mistake means a loss.

Strong footsies from both players before hand is great too.

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