What would you change about Adon for the Arcade Version



I’d make his FA hit slides and close HK a command normal


SLIGHTLY larger hit-box on Jaguar Kick.
make Adon able to FADC out of Jaguar Kick or Jaguar Tooth


Vacuum on U1 under more, if not all, circumstances. A bit more range on his FA and his overhead.


yeah make jaguar tooth focus cancel-able.


Normal health.


Adjust c.hp hitbox so it can be used as an anti air. And speed up the start up to his jump forward HK to around 7 frames so it won’t feel like he’s underwater when used.




The only thing I would change would be to make his U2 do slightly more damage.

I don’t think he should be able to FADC his Jaguar Kick or Jaguar Tooth. He can already get ultra off of EX Jaguar Kick (1 hit in the corner, if the opponent is jumping) and ultra off of ex Jaguar Tooth in the corner. They are both safe on block, and I think that is really all he needs to keep pressure moving.


More Hp would be nice
and UC2 does more damage.
EDIT: Also raising Jaguar would auto correct and more invincibility!


he is pretty well balanced, he has both strong and weak points (as it should be).

my two cents:

  • slightly faster overhead start up (currently it is usable, but it still feels too slow).

  • Complete U1 animation if first hit connects (i hate when the first hit connects but the rest whiff, it is not fair!).

the rest is fine (other than cl HP whiffing in some chars after a Focus crumple).


Well i would like to see one of these things added:

-more hp
-more damage
-more invincibility on the jaguar tooth, it gets beat by some very ridiculous things in its current state.
-maybe faster start up on cr HP since its one of his anti-airs but starts up so slowly.


Since JT problem is not recovery, it’s priority, being able to FADC it would be a coplete waste. EX version does it job as a situational tool.

Two changes:

Make JK a qcb motion.
Make LK RJ have a much better horizontal hitbox on the first hit so he can have a true BnB and better punishing. That change alone would bump him up a tier.
Good idea is also command close HK.


Agree with TVG on the RJ’s hitbox.

I think some Counterhit combos would be nice =D


He needs a special move that summons a Thousand Jaguars that rips up his opponent’s character and T-Bags it at the VS screen and automatically win and flips off the other player. :smiley:


Also, I feel like his far high punch should be a few frames faster.

Right now, it feels like you should be able to link it from far light punch, but you can’t


some type of follow up for his super would be nice. Maybe make the Punch version do more damage/chip dmg and the kick version can be followed up with either of his ultras and/or a RJ?


I would add a third ultra with v-ism style as a throwback to the alpha series.


Custom Combos and supers that mimic them break games. See: Yun, A2, A3



As mentioned before, normal health would be nice. Maybe someday a projectile? Nah…


The things I would change would be

His Ultra 1 would get the full animation if one of the kicks hit.

His specials would have a bit more priority.