What would you customize the highest tier?


I just randomly thought this before I went to bed last night. I was thinking, what if you could customize your own character using other people’s movesets? If so, what combination of movesets do you think would make the highest tier character possible? Copy and paste and share your own list if you feel like it. (can only choose 4 specials moves lol, and pick only 1 ultra rather than 2. i am excluding j. light moves and j. mp moves, and nuetral jump moves. )

**Walk speed - **

LP -
**c. LP - **
LK -
c. LK -

MP -
c. MP -
MK -
c. MK -
**fj. MK **

**HP - **
c. HP -
fj. HP -
HK -
c. HK -
**fj. HK - **

Special 1 -
Special 2 -
Special 3 -
Special 4 -

Super -
Ultra -

Here is my combination. This is what I think would make highest tier:

**Walk speed - **Akuma

LP - Zangief
c. LP - Balrog
LK - Viper
c. LK - Bison

MP - Makoto
c. MP - Ryu
MK - Bison
c. MK - Deejay
fj. MK - Ryu

HP - Seth
c. HP - Sakura
fj. HP - Makoto
HK - Adon
c. HK - Dudley (with some type of juggle afterward lol)
fj. HK - Seth

Special 1 - Makoto’s Karakusa (command grab)
Special 2 - Seth’s Tanden Engine
**Special 3 - Ken’s Shoryuken **
**Special 4 - Rufus’s Messiah Kick (particulary ex) **

Super - Gen’s (mantis)
Ultra - Seth’s u2

And there is my list! I didn’t really think logically of how some combos would work (ex: juggles), but I think that would make the highest tier character!
So what would be you guys’?


no setups = shit tier no matter how good your normals
and setups are gonna come from your knockdowns and grabs which you havent stated


This… was just supposed to be a fun little thing…
fuck i give up lol


i think you’re looking for "make your own character based off other characters moves"
tiers are a touchy subject


Walk speed - Chun Li

LP - Fei Long
c. LP - Balrog
LK - Sagat
c. LK - Ken

c. MP - Rose
c. MK - Ryu

HP - Seth
c. HP - Abel
HK - M. Bison
c. HK - Ryu

Special 1 - Sonic Boom (Guile, same recovery)
Special 2 - Shoryuken (Seth)
Special 3 - SPD (Zangief, same range)
Special 4 - Teleport (Akuma)

Super - Shinku Hadouken (Ryu)
Ultra - Seth Ultra 1 (Vanilla properties)


Walk speed is definitely Vega, he matches Akuma, Bison & Chun’s forward walk speed but he beats everyone walking backwards.


This is the only one I can really claim should be a given…


yea i forgot all about that one.


I prefer Ryu one. Comboable and 4f startup.

for S.Lk the old Yun and yang is better, since it is 3f.

Sagat S.lk only good if it was vanilla sagat.

And character need a lot of special to be highest tier. Seth DP is good but 5f -> safejump. Ryu one is def better. Or they will need the DF setup from Akuma, but ofc the old DF since everything is overhead.

and Vanilla Yun dive kick is good too






Walk speed - Gen Crane

LP - Fei
c. LP - Balrog
LK - Akuma
c. LK - Bison

MP - Makoto
c. MP - Gen
MK - Bison
c. MK - Ryu
fj. MK - Shoto

HP - Seth
c. HP - Sakura
fj. HP - Balrog
**HK - Adon **
c. HK - Akuma
fj. HK - Dudley

Special 1 - Sonic Boom
Special 2 - Shoryuken
Special 3 - Tornado Throw
Special 4 - Jaguar Kick

Super - Gen Mantis 1
Ultra - Metsu Hadoken


…why do you want Akuma’s LK? I have never found it to be that exciting.


I faintly remember Tokido comboing with it and saying to myself “That looks cool”

In hindsight. Yun’s would of been better.


is Fei’s st lp really better than Boxers?


I was talking about Cr.MP. Ryu one is really good. Akuma, E.Ryu one is good too.

Ryu Cr.HK is also one of the best due to 5f startup. Chun’s or Akuma’s are good for poking, but they are too slow

+5 on hit i think. But shoto f.s.lk is really good because they reduce like 50% of the bottom hit box, can be used to bait low poke then Sweep

For Cr.LK, just poking purpose or chaining to punch move, Fei’s cr.lk beat everyone’s

Not really.

Close one -> yes, boxer is 4f startup, fei is 3, everything else remain the same (active 2, recover 7, +5 on hit)
far one -> may be. Fei’s one is similar to close one, while boxer is still 4f startup, but only 4f recover and +8 on hit (crazy). It is your choice though

I suggest ibuki far s.lp. 3f startup. 5f recover. +8 on hit. Pure godlike. Combine with Akuma s.HK (make it Fwd.s.hk for example and we will have our infinite back again)

And for close s.lp, Cammy’s one look like one of the best. 3f start and 2f recover, but only 5f recover and +7 on hit. Combine with Ryu Cr.HK and you can safe jump all the time.