What would you do against a complete newbie?

So your up against someone that you know they got no chance of winning against you, not even if you let them kill your first two character and your third character was dan.

Would you totally own them and get on with the next match against another opponent that you would actually enjoy facing against because he doesn’t suck.


Would you go easy on the guy and let him have some fun.

I try not to put myself in situations like that.

Although this one time I tried to beat someone with just Mag’s s.hp.

Try to get a perfect.

it depends if i know a new better person is waiting to play me. sometimes i let them get close. like i dont use any assits or hyper comboes and see how far i can get. i start my 3rd character on point and see what is gwanning.

or i go all beasty. but only if i have like a magneto and i can get a perfect or OCV or just plain ownage. like if i can get uber ownage then ill go for it but if not ill just fool around.

once time i had team scrub and this guy spent liek 5 bucks playing me and i was just foolin around going easy but then one match, right from the start igot him inthe corner so i just had to test out my corner combo techqniues. it was fuckign discusting man. i did like 6 corner comboes total and killed is whoel tema in liek 15-20 secounds he had a heart attack yo he was like “how did that happened” lol omg but most of the time im facing the god tier of my school so most of the time im losing

i always rape them.

especially if there is a friend of mine waiting to play, i hate it when a scrub comes up, and kills the rotation.

If the scrub still keeps playing, then i talk to them, and let them know what is going on.

always rape them. mercy is for the weak. if you take it easy on them, they think they have a chance and waste their tokens and your time. rape them so they can go play a racing game or something.


Pitiful Scum.

I perfected some little kid a few years ago with s\d.:rofl:

I had to come up around street fighter OG’s and there was no such thing as an easy win. When you earned one, you were good enough to be called a scrub. Then you can start moving up on the ladder.

I once beat a little kid with Sabretooth/Cable/Ken without even using Cable. Little kids are the worst though. Them coming up to play makes me just want to leave the arcade half the time. :rolleyes:

When playing against noobs and other players who i know can’t touch me, I usually try to tone down my play level and stop myself from totally PWNING them.

Far too often I’ve seen noobs step up to the machine, get destroyed with no mercy and take the loss hard(being noobs afterall). Then they might give up. I try to build up their confidence and motivation to learn more about the game and the characters they choose, by taking it easy a bit.

I feel bad when I destroy noobs, It is a very shallow victory and proves/accomplishes nothing whatsoever.

Really fellas, don’t we all want more players coming around? By smashing newbies all the time, you are hurting chances of newer competition one day coming up.

As well as further dooming games like MVC2 to a “niche only” audience: being the old time vets and nothing more.

if the arcade is empty, i go easy on them so they’ll keep playing me… i hate playing against computers


street fighter is OG as fuck. The game goes back 15+ years. Any street fighter game against a decent player and YOU WILL get smoked. It doesn’t matter if its super turbo, alpha 3, xvsf, 3s, mvc2. Any decent player will smoke a noobie for free.

anyone who’s ever been good @ anything has started from the bottom. If you really wanted to get good @ something, you’d play regardless of how bad you lost because eventually you won’t suck so bad much longer. Anyone who understands this concept and is willing to play street fighter are the type of people I want to come up. Not average joes who don’t give a fuck up. You have to get your ass kicked before you start winning. Its just that simple.

games like tekken have more player base because its much easier to pick up and play by comparison to other streeet fighter games. It has incredible depth w\ simplistic gameplay.

<-Exactly how I feel and would Do!!!:rofl:

go easy, then rape them half way through. you want them to come back to up your win streak LOL

give them all hats with sentinel =)

do you really want someone who doesn’t have that killer instinct playing marvel???
I don’t know about you other players but i don’t want some noob messing up the rotation thinking he’s good. I’ve gotten destroyed when i barely knew how to play sfII. By grown men. There was no mercy at all. All it made me want to do was go to the arcade or home, practice and get better. When i played MVC2 i got destroyed. But that actually made me buy the game 8 years ago which i still have today. I vote destroy them. if the arcade is empty and they aren’t jerks or 6 years old then give them a tip or two. But my philosophy is get quicker or die.

i still remember the exact moment i wanted to become good at cvs2. i was playing at the local arcade and i was new to the neighborhhod and stepped up to play the resident champ with the usual arcade goers chilling waiting for their turn. the match starts and he turns his head and starts talking and i hit fp with rugal and hit his vega. i didn’t know he wasn’t paying attention and give him the old “you can get a hit in, my bad” speech and he just looks at me and says “don’t worry about it, you’re gonna lose anyways.” i got clowned. from then on i just worked to get better. less than a year later, that guy couldn’t touch me. to this day i rape him for free.

so when i hear someone give me the don’t rape noobs speech, i just remember what getting clowned and raped did for me. it only made me a better player. besides, no one starts at the top.

First off, what value does having a win streak against noobs give? Nothing. Sure you could own a group of them with a end streak of 32 wins, but what does that prove? You beat up on some newbies, thats it.

Any veteran player can do that if he wants.

Second, just because you can own a bunch of noobs does not mean you should. Unless you love shallow, meaningless victory’s perhaps.

Not everyone gets motivated by being destroyed. A lot of newbs around, depending on the level of destruction, will just be discouraged and leave.

I’ve also seen some newbs that I took it easy on, and it actually encouraged them to try harder. Months later they still can’t touch me, but have improved A lot over where they were.

Had I just been a dick and made it my mission to destroy them no matter what, those guys probably wouldn’t be playing today and would have given up long ago. They’d have looked at MVC2 as something like rocket science, that was just too complicated for them to figure out.

oh gawd, anytime someone posts with a capital “LOL” at the end, the comment should be open to sarcastic interpretation.

sorry if my remarks don’t follow some unwritten marvel code of honor “thou shall not go easy on thy noobs”

video games are meant for fun buddy, sorry if i make somebodies 25-50 cents a little more enjoyable :rolleyes:

everytime you play marvel doesnt mean you should be mono-expression during your eager path to marvel development of a marvel prodigy :rofl:

i seriously feel that beating a noob quichly is better for them in the end. if nothing else, they’ll put their quarters to better use on another game.