What would you do against a complete newbie?

i can go easy on a noob, and he’ll still feel like he’s gotten destroyed. when i was a noob and got murdered, yea it enticed me to practice. but instead of playing again, i’d go home and practice which didnt do anything for game strategy. you can’t learn too much if you’re getting perfected.

the only way to get good is to play and lose. what are you really learning if the person playing against you is taking it easy? when i play someone and i win and they aren’t very good at the game, i’ll try and give them advice if they ask for it, or make simple suggestions or even take the time to show them how to do specials or simple combos or whatever. experience makes a player better. they can practice combos or whatever against in 1 player.

i’m with you on this one. I never beast noobs. just like you, I take it easy… pratice some resets/combos, etc. At the same time let them get a few hits on me too. Also I give them tips & advice and in doing so, that just motivates them to want to get the game / get a joystick and get a lot better.

If i can make somebody’s day a bit better by giving advice, helping them, training them a bit, etc… then that makes me feel good. both in marvel and everday life stuff (like soccer or something).

You shouldn’t go easy on him. When two people are playing in the arcade, they are putting their money against each other to try and defeat the other guy off the machine.

This is the way of the arcade. Show the “New Challenger” no mercy.

Yeah those who target noobs for a beat down like some members speak of in here, knowing they can’t do anything about it, is like the arcade-equivalent of bullying. Only pricks do it, and it is not right regardless of what excuses they give.

10 years from now when the MVC2 scene is either dead, or has no new blood and just populated by some of the old-time vets, they’ll have only themselves to blame.

The only time I condone destroying newbies is when they come up to the machine with an attitude, and talking crap. For their own good those guys NEED to be knocked down a peg or two, and shown what level they’re really on(plus I don’t like jackasses at the machine)

That is a very “noob” way of thinking ya got there. There’s more to arcade gaming than simply winning and nothing more.

When I play against weak players, I still fight my hardest to defeat them, I just choose characters that I’m nowhere near as good with as the ones I normally use. That way at least they have a fighting chance. That or I deliberately avoid playing the player completely, and wait till they’re done. Occasionally, I will try to demonstrate stuff with their team or characters that they might be unaware of that may prove beneficial.

Eventually, I gain the ability to tone down my play after a few games so that I can make the match more enjoyable, but whatever.

I’m of the persuasion that if I don’t punish your mistakes, you won’t learn from them. I try to help them to defeat their vulnerabilities and enhance their strengths. I’d only hope people would be that opened with me.

use a team that no one has ever seen. Worked for me, its hard work, but its interesting.

depends on the noob.

some will take getting beasted well and learn and whatnot.

some won’t…but if you go nice on them they can keep playing and they can learn to play and learn that bloodshed gameplay.

personally I try practicing some new combos or practice with some low tier teams.

yes something along the lines of this. I somtimes try to play a teaching game with them. punish things they do (though not as bad, like just a fierce or a launcher)

Try to make it pretty glaring (obvious).

like air dashing around their “offense” and doing a simple poke. and then tell them what they should do. or punish assists by just a simple launcher (lightly, don’t neccessarily kill them)

especially noobs who just keeps attacking, I’ll launch them but do nothing and wait for them to come down and launch again. whaddaya know, they were trying to come in with an attack. do it enough times and they’ll learn. (though sometime you do have to tell to stop attacking and learn to block)

do things like that. it’s better than beasting and better than just taking it easy.

sorry for the double post

against noobs, i start off really hard (cuz you never know, the could have been messing around when you were watching them), and ease up if i find out that they really can’t do much at all.

the other day at the arcade, someone was playing, a real newb, and a friend and i wanted to play, so i challenged the person. turns out it was a girl – did not look it from the backside – and she was fresh beyond belief. couldn’t let her win…

also, some scrub came by the arcade, but i actually lost. the next time i played him, i totally raped him, but going easy on people who use cable/sent does too much damage with supers.

Beat him hard, but not as much as to discourage him from coming back to the game

i like the above poster who talked about showing them their flaws in their offense but launching them but then u dont fully punish their mistakes. its like ur telling them
"your technique is weak grasshoppa"

and dont use assists lol

i used to get “bullied” when i was starting with santhrax… so i don’t fight beginers… but if they are the one who’d challenge me, then i’ll show them my stuff…

if they are stubborn, i fight them with commando and try to ocv them…

A number of options come to me

Normal it’s these

  1. Try new things like combos or characters I normally wouldn’t
  2. ALWAYS pull out a Dan Hibiki and try and get an Otoko Michi in

But once in a while…
3. Lose once real bad, try and get them confident and then money match them and wreck em