What Would You Do During a RIOT?!

Oscar Grant, young father and peacemaker, executed by BART police | San Francisco Bay View

Dont know if this story has gottin a lot of nation wide press but its big news out here in the Bay Area, Almost a year and Half in the Making with the final verdict of the cop set to come out today.

The Trial is Being held in L.A The cop has a chance to get acquitted of all charges.
its pretty much set in stone, if he doesnt get charged with Murder Everyone in Oakland and the Bay Area will Riot…

I’m going to reply on here because I know that everyone who will be rioting are avid readers of SRK GD. Instead of rioting, why not just storm the police station? It never made much sense to me to just destroy a bunch of random shit from innocent people. That being said, it did make some interesting video. My personal favorite was the people on top of their store shooting at rioters with rifles defending their store.

smash trash cans. pick up hamburgers

Dress like a gold statue and see how many people try to jack me outta an antique store.

Shit, we need protection from the police.

My uncle rioted during the LA Riots. Got some good shit. I was 9 so he gave me some Ninja Turtles.

We need real cops instead of this worthless trash in uniform we have now.


Exactly, this is the kind of shit that happens when you hire uneducated morons, give them a gun and some authority.

This got posted early last year. I remember watching the video, there hasn’t been a video thats made so angry. What was even more shocking was the officer was allowed to leave the state, never went to jail while the incident was being investigated. I said this back then and I’ll say it again, if the roles had been reversed the black guy would have been in court room the following week hearing how the state would execute him.

its getting dangerous in Oakland right now

after the verdict was announced earlier, looks like foot locker was the first victim

In other news, television sets all over Oakland have gone missing.

Stay at home posting on forums.


anywho something had to be done, it may not be the most peaceful and poetic solution but sometimes violence is only way to make peace - Dr. Thomas Light

the police are becoming corrupt and drunk with power…who says the police are immune to crimes? they commit them more than anyone would think…you have people that are fearful of the police based on the reactions of the situation. Did you know that if someone breaks into your home in Georgia the police will not file a report? they will simply say “buy a better security system” or advise you to move out of the neighborhood…but this is if you do not have insurance and become a victim so who is to fight for them?.

2-4 and maybe probation.

I’d like to think that I would go around punching random people while listening to [media=youtube]YsFyU0yvcdU&feature=related"[/media] song on my MP3 player.

But chances are I’d just stay indoors and peek out my window every now and then.

I would probably be the guy climbing the light pole…

I dunno about other areas but there is a shortage of police in my area which leads me to believe that there isnt proper training. I was talking to an older, fatter officer and he doesnt really know that much. With all the flack that security guards used to get it appears that they are better trained than police these days. I know the company I work for tests you every 6 months in firearms and rules every year. Firearm qualification is every 2 years deamed by Virginia.

Involuntary manslaughter? Wow… Hold somebody down on the ground, pull out your gun and shoot him in the back, killing him, and it’s involuntary? I hope there is a riot.

I remember watching this vid last year and how heated it got me and now reading the article in the 1st post, saying how the cops were trying to confiscate all cell phones and shit. Had there been no evidence, this would have been a case of “self-defense”.

Personally, if I was the girl who shot the video, I would have waited for the cops to claim self-defense first (guaranteed) and then spread the video online.

Live feed of the riot, pretty intense, they busted into a foot locker and stole shoes and pants and shit so far.

KRON 4 News on USTREAM: San Francisco Local News and Information. Local News

EDIT: its on and off, red screen in the off times