What would you do if someone stole your rhubarb?

First of all this lady sounds a lot like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Apparently she thought she was at the free farmers market; hilarity ensues.

The amount of self restraint there was amazing, by all rights bitch should have took a shovel to the face, they shouldn’t have just let her walk off with the rhubarb though, would rather trample the shit she picked then let that theiving loudmouthed piece of shit have it.

If they ever do an animated Dark Knight series they should get this woman to do Bale’s Batman voice.

Trying to think of a pun for Rhubarb, but all I can focus on was how limited her profanity is, I guess she’s a cuss-tard.

That’s all I got

She was crying sour grapes at a farmers market.

old bitch needs to slow her roll on the virginia slims

well you reap what you sow, just plant your feet and harvest the thoughts that come to mind, just dont type anything corny imo…

I saw rhubarb and I thought we could discuss how delicious it is. Seriously, it is one the most delicious vegetables out there in my opinion. Further more, there is so much you can do with it. A good home made rhubarb crisp or pie is out of this world and is my culinary kryptonite.

That being said, this lady is crazy and needs some help…

For reals, she sounds like she wakes up and gargles ashtrays.

If Julie Kavner ever dies she can replace her in the Simpsons.

I’d make them eat all of it! :smile:

is LiveLeak like World Star for white people?

This shit finally made it to SRK, I see.

That bitch sounds like every female villain from every cartoon in the 80’s.

Probably making some rhubarb and arsenic pie, ole witch sounding hoe. :coffee:

I would murder anyone who even thought about stealing my rhubarb.

then their family

and their friends

and random people that knew them

Don’t touch my goddamn rhubarb. I will erase you

NO. Never again. NEVER AGAIN.

They will rue the day that they try and steal from my yard a second time! I will put up a fence made of wires covered in barbs! Hundreds of barbs!! Hundreds and hundreds of barbs!!! Sharp, merciless barbs!!!

Ohhh, they will rue the day. They will rue the barbs.

… Dammit. You should’ve said “rhu the day.” Nice rhutine, but you didn’t stalk the landing.

It could’ve went unnoticed, actually looking for who was the real rube. But those would be the guys and un-rhuby gals out in the yard and stuck on a barb-y, strung up and wired.

Is this Florida or Iowa?

LOL wtf

RE: What would you do if someone stole your rhubarb?

Shoot him.


Tourettes guy had a sex change?
EDIT: Nevermind, She’s not nearly creative enough with her swearing.