What would you do if you saw a parent mistreating their child in public?

what would you do? i mean what can you do really?

i imagine stepping it would do some harm either way.

like if you clocked the guy, the kid would be like “OH SHIT THIS FUCKER CLOCKED MY DAD. FUCK WTF OMG FUCK FUCK. WAHHHHH”

(dad clocks kid even more when they get home)

and if you tried reason, i’d imagine that if someone is so furious as to mistreat their own child in public would only get more furious.

i was walking along walmart once and saw some redneck dude and his cute little daughter, maybe 6 years old at the most. She was only slightly in my way when her dad said in a loud stern voice to her
"Move Little Bitch! " along with akick to the butt.

I diddnt even bat an eye or miss a step as i ignored it. but thats just me.

so i agree for the most part What are you going to do? I mean what are you REALLY going to do, and not just post what you would have done to prove you have the biggest e-penis. Not much you can do i dont think.

I think calling someone to look into it would be the best bet it’s bloodless and justice is served (hopefully.)

They have to put up with the little shits a helluva lot more than we do, so they deserve to give them a little abuse.

Their kids, their rules.

I’d do nothing and divert the responsibility to someone else.

If this is done in a small crowd, I might step in by calling the cops, but not because of moral obligations, but because of pressure of potentially getting arrested because of a good samaritan law or something.

I have things to do. Don’t judge me. I’m willing to bet real money that this is what people are most likely to do, and guess what? On average, I am most likely to be most people. Doesn’t make it right at all.

Sucks because the way the laws are nowadays, you might go to jail for helping a stranger.

Anyway, read up on the “bystander effect”. Relevant vid: [media=youtube]KIvGIwLcIuw[/media]

i’d almost definitely not care at most i might think:
“that was a bit harsh”

if it’s bad enough there will be some prick that gives a shit that can sort it out, i have better stuff to do.

shaking your head works sometimes

What CAN you do? Call the cops…that’s great, except they cqan’t do shit to ANYone unless they “see it happen”. you talk sternly to the guy, and get a “Fuck you, mind your own business” and the kid gets worse treatment later for causing a scene. You physically interfere, and you can get an assault charge, either by restraining the dad or swooping the kid out of harm’s way. The kid starts crying, dad jumps you, everyone assumes you tried to snatch his kid and all of a sudden, Psyco Dad becomes Dad Of The Year. Ain’t shit you can do.

Probably masturbate, the tears of the innocent turn me on.

BUSS out my time machayne and zap dat mofo back into his childhood and mistreat him back! Then zap out in mah time machayne before the cops come and mistreat me for mistreating a child. :tup:

Just ignore it unless the parent is literally beating the hell out of the kid. Sometimes a glare says everything too.

If it was obviously the parent, then it’s none of my business unless it’s brutal - like if it’s some father or mother literally curbstomping their kid or beating them to a point where the child is more than just being reprimanded, in which case I feel I have an obligation to protect the child and step in. If it’s a smack, or a kick, or a push, or verbal, then it’s none of my business. Only when it’s blantantly excessive would I even dream of intervening.

As for a kid screaming ‘you aren’t my dad’ as some guy randomly drags the child away on the street? I sure as fuck would stop and say something - at the very least ask the child if she KNEW the guy trying to drag her off. If the kid said no, I would intervene. WTF is wrong with those people in the video just walking by? Some people have no balls.

so basically you’re saying you’d be the catalyst for his future abusive behavior (which would be the present) :rofl: you nasty, Manx.

Nasty Manx and the Time Paradox

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Penelope Cruz as the child
Tom Kruse as the guy on the Hoveround

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EDIT: i just watch that video… :mad: nah, Bystander Effect doesn’t work on me. i’ve had to run down a long ass hall to break up a fight between two fat black chicks while 5 people right next to them just froze and watched. i think if people knew more about the Bystander Effect, it wouldn’t happen so much.

I once commented on a scenario…

some woman slapped her child because he picked up a toy…kid had to be about 6 or 8…

“yo lady what is your problem? he’s just a kid…”

she just glared at me,grabbed the kid and took off

seriously I cant stand people like that, I have no problem with speaking up or talking to people…but when you abuse them in front of my face? your getting dealt with…ill whoop dat ass EBM style

wow, out of all people, it was the hood niggas who helped. shits crazy.

Fuck people. I’d save a dog first. Secondly, it’s not my business. Thirdly, it’s not your business. Lastly, it’s their kid.

I thought you wanted to tell people how to live, Faceme. Don’t step back now.

I?d just keep walking and mind my own like everyone else should do? Some people are way too concerned about what other people are or aren?t doing because it?s easier to tell other people what to do even if you don?t do it yourself.
I never get involved unless I know the WHOLE story behind the incident because you could end up looking like an ass for trying to help out? Not everything is what it looks like sometimes.
I know people that have made real asses of themselves thinking they were helping out in a situation only to be wrong and have to apologize later.

this. its nobodys place to tell a parent they are being too harsh/stern with their kid. if they’re visibly abusing them that’s another story, but really you don’t know the whole story and intervening would likely just make things worse.