What would you do, if YOU won A EVO tournament

Winning Evo has be a personally nerdy dream of mines i just wanna share you what iwould do

If I won, i would jump outta my seatt, run around the stage, do lil b’s cooking dance, blow the crowd kisses, and do a cocky bow, and do a speech! and tell kayane that i have a crush on her lol

what would you do?

Buy Hookers.

Cut a promo and talk shit about everybody

I would wake up & be like :eek:
Then I would be like :frowning:

fuck your bitch

take my shirt off like Viscant

NickGuy got the right idea. On some life shit I’d pay my bills, on some gamer shit I’d say check out my youtube page :lol:

go to disneyland

since im ugly, i’ll smile.

Eat like a king, throw a big party for friends, then blow the rest of the winnings on poker or blackjack.

Throw the PS3 off the stage and do a flying elbow drop directly onto it.

pay for everyones ticket to evo cause im gonna win next years anyways

I’d either do the Miz pose, or the Orton pose. I’d then proceed to throw one fist in the air, and fucking yell my head off.

I’d shout that SSF4 sucks balls to everyone in the audience, pumping my fist in the air. Afterwards I’d try to get a vegas showgirl to be my ladyfriend, if only for a single evening…

…you DO get money for winning Evo, right?

wipe my ass with an american flag

Buy drugs

  1. Win Evo
  2. Get Bike Money
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!!


I’d do a Ryu

ie.victory means nothing, the fight is everything

Tell Kayo and Choco Blanka and a good looking female Juri cosplayer to head back to my room for private casuals and bed wrestling.
Hit the strip club and buffet.
Give Kindevu moar cookies.
Make it rain every time I move.

Smile in disbelief, and proceed off stage.