What would you do if...?


You are in a rainforest with only two SMG’s. Suddenly, you hear a voice telling you “Anytime” you raise your sight and see a cloaked figure whose eyes shines. You are about to shoot that guy with one of your guns but the guy shoots you first with a plasma cannon. Your arm tears in half with your SMG still firing! You scream in pain but nevertheless you still try to shoot that guy with your other SMG. Unfortunely, the cloaked guy runs at you with his wristblades on. You are about to pull the trigger when the cloaked guy raises you with his wristblades. You delivered one of the manliest cries ever heard. At least you went like a pro.

(THREAD) What would you do if...?

i would say its better to die that way to a predator then just get knocked down by a “russian” during a show fight.