What would you do in this situation? (Seattle)



Whoopsie Daisy of the Day: Seattle’s thin blue line was left red faced after officers forgot a semi-automatic rifle on the trunk of their patrol car — and then drove around like that for quite some time.
A passer-by who snapped the above pic of the unattended AR-15 outside the Roosevelt Hotel brought it to the attention of bike officers who were reportedly “shocked as hell.”
“The department is very embarrassed that this happened,” said Seattle Police Department Sergeant Sean Whitcomb. “We’re incredibly grateful to the person that flagged down the bike officers and the woman who followed the patrol car around to let them know there was a rifle on the back of the car.”
According to Whitcomb the incident didn’t violate any laws, but “most certainly shouldn’t happen at a police department level.”

roflcopter SPD fucking up left and right

How do you forget an assault rifle is sitting on your trunk?

My ass gets paraniod just cleaning my guns in the house, so I can’t even begin to understand how someone could do that. Let alone a trained police officer.

How does the officer still have a job? lol

i thought only the police SUV and trucks carried assault rifles around.

How do you forgot a big ass assault rifle is on the trunk of your car? I don’t know whether I’m more suprised by the policemen’s carelessness, or the fact that the gun remained on the trunk while the car was being driven without falling off xD