What would you do to balance 3rd Strike?


By now we all know the tiers. The question I’m asking, is what are your ideas to balance out the game, so that the characters will be closer to being perfectly balanced. I’ll start.

Twelve - Increase damage from normals by 15%, make XNDL’s startup faster for or more damage, just something to give Twelve a super worth a damn.
Q - A hit confirm with further reach than close s.mk. A move that hits low that’s worth a damn.
Chun Li - lower SAII’s power by 20%, or 10%, but make d.mk a link and not a late cancel or lower d.mk’s hit stun (or whatever, anything to make the super less braindead), or leave the damage the same but only 1 stock.
Yun - some damage scaling on these hits, do not allow that tiny bar to do 60% damage for the love of god.

What else?


Greatly increase the recovery time of Sean’s specials, in fact, just give him his fucking Shoyuken back!


…You want to increase the recovery on Sean’s moves? :confused:

For 12, air to air XFLAT needs to do the same damage as air to ground. And maybe give him some kind of combo or two. plus what you said.

Make Sean’s moves the same speed as Ryu’s. regular uppercut. hurricane pushes back far enough so you cant grab him for free after it

Don’t give Q low poke into super. Then you’re basically making him the same as the good characters who have that. In fact, don’t change him. Once the top characters are toned down, Hugo/Q/a lot of others get substantially better and won’t need improvements.

Yun - longer bar
Chun - change the way her moves interact with hitboxes so that b+fierce doesn’t beat fucking jabs. make kara throw a little worse or take it out. leave c.MK xx super the same because she needs it
Ken - lower dmg on jab srk by a couple points, make corner uppercuts require kara; no midscreen uppercuts at all. maybe increase shippu startup by 1 or 2 frames so it doesnt link after c.MP or MP on standing ppl and doesn’t reverse every move ever created. lower dmg on air ex hurricane
Makoto - no idea. lower stun damage i guess
Dudley - maybe lower juggle damage. i dunno, i know he needs toning down but i cant put my finger on what should be done
Akuma - take him out of the game (he’s for fags)

I don’t even know why I posted. I hate this thread.


I think the game’s fine the way it is. Part of the fun of fighting games is winnging with a character that isn’t as “good”, or “top-tier”.


I think yun is nice just the way he is
the only thing I would do to balance him would be that he gets more damage if gets hit while in genei jin


I think a tastefully unbalanced game is better than a balanced one. With that said, the changes I said still wouldn’t make the game balanced. The shitty characters would still be worse, it’s just that the difference between Q/Hugo/12 and Chun/Yun/Ken wouldn’t be so drastic. It would still take more skill to win with the lower tiers, but unlike how 3S is now, you could maybe win tournaments with them without having a stroke in the process. The idea is to precisely minimize the differences in quality, not take them away.

shut up


For the most part I’d make only minor changes.

Yun: pick two changes for Genei Jin among having higher damage scaling, having the active time period shortened, not being able to combo into it, not being able to combo out of it, and giving the opponent extra meter at every individual attack
Chun: doesn’t recover as quickly after jumping down + forward and walljump, airthrow starts up with same number of frames as Oro’s, SAII does not allow a superjump attack at the end and starts up 1 frame slower
Ken: minor minor damage reduction, SAIII starts up 1 frame slower
Makoto: moves do a little less stun
Oro: close standing strong and close standing forward are command moves (ie back + strong)
Ibuki: minor minor damage increase
Remy: gains meter for throwing discs
Alex: all throws do a little more damage, walk speed increases, SAII throws the opponent behind you if you hold back and in front of you if you hold toward, SAII throw part never whiffs after first hits connect
Hugo: all attacks/throws do a little more damage, moves do a little more stun
Q: close standing forward does more hitstun, less recovery on slaps, overhead/low dash punches start up and recover faster
Twelve: takes damage like Alex/Urien, SAI starts up one frame faster and damage doesn’t diminish with distance, SAII does same damage air to air as air to ground, normal throws have third largest range and do as much damage as Hugo’s, whippy hands starts up and recovers a little faster
Sean: decrease recovery on every special move, make dragon punch unthrowable, roll and tackle have faster startups and move faster


I bolded the stuff I disagree with. I agree with everything else.

Ken: Damage isn’t what’s wrong with shippu. It’s like taking Sean’s supers and making them do twice as much damage; he becomes better but changing the damage isn’t the right solution because it isn’t what the problem was. Unless you mean overall dmg reduction for all moves but isn’t that a little harsh? Then the other shotos will have the exact same moves but do more dmg which is awkward to say the least cause Ken’s offense isn’t that much better than them
Ibuki: Ibuki has great damage/stun output and some of the best offense in the game. Damage increase doesn’t make sense. Maybe a slight stamina increase would be more fitting (Yun/Yang stamina maybe)
Alex: Pretty much the same as above; damage is probably Alex’s biggest strength, changing it would just be overkilling one of the few advantages he has. It’s like a half-assed way of making a lower mid tier character “better” by changing something unrelated to his problems
Hugo: Same as above
Q: You want to… add in moves? :confused:

I also think 12 should be able to parry during air dashes. Mobility is one of the few things he has over better characters so giving him more options while utilizing it might be a good idea.

Edit: Damnit, your post is different! Ignore the Alex stuff then. Btw Alex’s throw does more damage than average already. It’s actually a miracle that 3S turned out as good as it did. If it was up to us, we’d probably break it until it was unrecognizable.


I meant that Ken on the whole should do less damage, not just that SAIII should. His offense would still be better, and different, than Ryu’s and Sean’s.

Ibuki just doesn’t do enough damage, like she deals as much damage with one of her long chain combos as anyone else does with a couple of normal throws. This isn’t to say that I think she needs a big damage increase, just a very small one, just on this side of noticeability. Same with Hugo. Moves like the 360s, ultrathrow, backbreaker, and SAIII should really do a little more.

And yeah, I guess Q doesn’t really need an extra move, so scratch that.

Edit: I almost always edit my posts.


SAs=Make his Hyper Bomb (SA1) come out in 2 frames, not 3. Make his Stun Gun Head Butt’s (SA3) meter 8 points shorter.
General=Make his Head Butt/Sleeper Hold (:l::hp:) have a -5 frame advantage, not -11. Make his Flying Cross Chop (:d::hp: in air) recover faster.
SAs=Make her Houyouku-Sen (SA2) only one meter, instead of 2. Make Tensei-Ranka (SA3) do more damage
General=Make her EX.Hazan Shuu (:hcb::2k:) come on in 20 frames, not 31. Make the first hit of her Close :mk: an overhead
SAs=Make his Rolling Thunder (SA2) do 10 more damage (on Ryu) and make its meter 6 points shorter.
General=Make his Dart Shot (:r::hl:) have a 15 frame start up, not a 12 frame start up.
SAs=Make her Healing (SA3) have a shorter meter by 12 points
General=Make her Lynx Tail (:bdp::k:) have a -11/-9/-9/-9 frame advantage instead of -17/-15/-15/-15.
SAs=Make his Messatsu-Gourasen (SA3) have a 2 frame start up in both ground and air. Make his Messatsu-Goushoryu do 4 more damage (on Ryu).
General=Make his Gohadouken have a -9/-9/-9 frame advantage instead of -11/-11/-11.
SAs=Make his Megaton Press (SA2) have a shorter meter by 6 points.
General=Make is Crouching :hk: have a -23 frame advantage instead of -43. Make his dash move him alittle more forward. Maybe 8 more pixals.
SAs=Make her Yoroi-Doushi (SA2) have a longer throw range, maybe by 4 pixals. Make her Yami-Shigure (SA3) have 2 meters, instead of 1.
General=Make her Crouching :mp: have a 7 frame start up instead of 9. make her Kubi Ori (:hcf::p:) have a -8/-8/-10/-7 frame advantage instead of -16/-16/-19/-15.
SAs=Make his Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku (SA3) have 2 meters, not 3. Make his Shoryu-Reppa do 8 more damage (on Ryu).
General=Make his Close :hp: have a frame advantage of -4/-2/0 instead of -2/0/+2 only after the close :mp: xx close :hp: chain
SAs=Make her Tanden-Renki (SA3) increase defense as well
General=Make her Karakusa (:hcb::k:) have much more damage scaling after it.
SA2=Make is Slam Dance (SA2) and 2 frame start up, not a 3.
General=make his Standing :hk: -6/-4/-2 frame advantage instead of -8/-6/-4. make his Electric Blast (:dp::p:) have a 4/5/6 frame start up instead of 6/8/10. make his Crouching :mk: have a 9 frame start up, not a 12.
SAs=make all damage done by Kishin-Riki (SA1) +25%
General=Make his EX.Jinchuu Watari (:qcf::2k:) have a 23 frame start up, not a 31. make his Nichiicin Shoyou have a 9/10/11/8 frame start up, not a 15/15/13/15.
SAs=Make his Total Destruction (SA3) do 75% more damage.
General=Make his Standing :hk: have a -8/-6/-4 frame advantage instead of a -12/-10/-8. Make is Dashing Leg Attack (charge :l:,:r::k:) have a 20/23/26/24 start up instead of 25/28/31/27. Make his Jumping :hk: have a 13 frame start up, not 17. make his crouching :hp: cancelable into super.
SAs=Make his Blue Nocturne (SA3) capable of doing all its possible damage to opponents in the air.
General=make is Toward :mk: have a 16 frame start up and a -4 block advantage is stead of 18/-7. Allow his Crouching :lk: to chain to his Crouching :lp:
No changes. Ryu is the perfect example of a good balenced character.
No changes. Sean sucks, and should stay that way
SAs=Make is X.F.L.A.T (SA2) do 8 more damage (to Ryu) and make it capable of doing all its possible damage to opponents in the air.
General=make his crouching :mp: able to be canceled into special and super. Make his Jumping :hk: capable of being canceled into his Kokkuu (Air Dash). make his Jumping :mp: chainable to his Jumping :mk:. make his EX.A.X.E (:qcb::2p:) have a 3 frame start up on the ground and 4 frames in the air.
SAs=Make his Temporal Thunder (SA2) do more stun damage. make his Ttrant Punish (SA1) do 6 more damage (on Ryu). Make the meter of his Aegis Reflector (SA3) 8 more points longer.
General=Make his Vilence Knee Drop have a frame advantage of -12/-12/-12/-8 instead of -18/-18/-18/-16.
SAs=Make Raishin-Mahhaken (SA1) do 16 more damage (on Ryu).
General=Make the short version of his Senkyuutai (:qcf::lk:) have a start up of 4, not 8
SAs=Make his Genei-Jin (SA3) have more damage scaling.
General=Make his EX.Zeshou Houho (:qcf::2p:) do more damage.

Thats right. I want a 3s reloaded :lol:



Fuck everything I just wrote. Here’s all that needs changed:

Chun SAII becomes 1 long bar.

Yun Genei Jin has a longer bar, and is damage buffered (nothing too serious, but enough).

Ken looses double shoryu’s, SAIII becomes 2 bars like Second Impact, and he trades defense with Sean.

Twelve has the same stamina as Chun Li.


One thing I forgot to say is not only was I trying to balence the game. I was also trying to make some moves that are totally useless become some what useful.


-Give him a 4 hit EX uppercut
-Make his cr.roundhouse as good as the other shotos
-Give him a fireball
-let him combo after MP HK target combo
-give him air hurricane kick
-let him double uppercut
-give him a little more defence
-let hypertornado have 3 stocks, and shorten the bar
-give him wavy blonde hair


one thing…


double shoryuken, double Hyper Tornado; the works.


^^ You do realize that nanitaberu was joking, right? Take a look at what he lists… which character fits that description already… hmmm… :confused:




i actually laughed


…not a damn thing


I would… get rid of the tier list. :rolleyes:


Wins thread.