What would you do?

Alright so I have $67 for SF x Tekken, but I’m thinking of selling UMvC3 for $12 for Special edition of SF x Tekken. Only thing is I bought all the alternate costumes for Marvel. But I figure if I spend the extra $10 on special edition I’ll save $$ when all those dlc gem packs come out as dlc. Which all the dlc gem packs will probably cost around $20. So do you think it’s a good idea to sell Marvel for special edition???

Do you enjoy playing marvel?

i say just keep it

I did at first but I would rather focus more on SF x tekken and Ae.

you can’t get rusty at marvel game’s to easy

Considering you seem to burn out fast (bought all the alternates costumes and then don’t like the game anymore), I’d say avoid doing that to sfxt and play it for a bit before purchasing all the dlc stuff/investing in the ce.
Buy regular sfxt, sell marvel and get yourself a sandwich.

buy regular sfxt. what if you end up not liking the game or burning out on it?

what other games do you play other than marvel? do you live near an arcade/other location where you can play without the console?

It’s not that I get burned out fast or get bored easily, I’ve been playing SF4 since vanilla. Marvel is just to random for me and I don’t care for it anymore. Problem is though I bought all the alts and now kind of feel like it I would be getting ripped off if I sold it. But I would be saving money by not having to buy all the indvidual dlc gem packs which would kind of make up for the alternates I bought.

Don’t ever trade games in. This is especially important since you sound poor/broke. You can get 8-13 more dollars selling it through amazon.

Not poor. Just a broke college student trying to get the most out of my money.