What would you give this guys 3s Game

What Rate(1/10)would you give this guys ken game…


Holy fuck, please say you’re kidding.

I really won’t dignify this thread with a response but just tell me this is a joke and i’ll be happy.

constant use of HP shoryuken + sweep + using hurricane kicks + alex was terrible = sucks/10

can we use negative integers?

I think that Alex was controlled by Corky from Life Goes On. o_O Dookie…

You’re better off clicking on the “SF3: Texas Style” video. That dudes Ken was leaking weak sauce throughout. I play Ken way better than that. AND I can parry most of that shit that Alex was doing. AND I just started playing the game.

LOL i saw it coming, but it was funny cuz u said intergers instead of numbers.

Jeez… MY Alex is better than that, and he’s horrible. On topic, that Ken is bad as well. The worst part is, the Ken and the thread creator are the same guy. Look at the uploaders name, then look at his.

That Ken player couldn’t even perform :qcb: :k: or :qcf: :p: on the opposite sides. Even had the nerve to taunt the other player, showboating like he/she is actually good.

Jesus my Twelve could destroy that Alex and that weak Ken…

alex didnt punish when he should have. And his charging was blatantly obvious as he was constantly walking forward the whole match. It makes his walking back suspect. I liked the music though:tup:

The topic starter was probably the Ken player…:rofl:

EDIT: Now that I watched the video…OMG, I couldn’t even finish watching the first round I was about to throw up…dude I see your from Fl how about we play for monet sometime?

Best. Alex. Ever.

You know not everyone is an art collector. :confused:


But seriously, I know you’re just kidding, but if the poster is the Ken player, why don’t you offer to play him sometime and teach him some basics? So many Capcom players seem to have given up on expanding the community and just want to take some scrubs monet.


I thought EVERYONE collected art?!?!?

Damn I wish I could type…:sweat: :annoy:

This is the primary problem with the community right now.

Collecting art is coo :sad:


Are these players from Florida?

If so tell them I’ll play them for money and that they can pick my characters. :rofl: