What would you guys think of a UMvC3 GFAQs vs SRK tourney?

Just a thought I had, and I think it could be a good thing if executed right. Would anyone be interested?

[LEFT]“this shit is free”-Gfaqs[/LEFT]

Another dumb thread that nobody cares and that will be locked very soon!!

It’s an interesting concept, but I’m certainly not qualified to participate :shake: I’m terrible lol.

The fuck is your problem?
If you think it’s dumb how about you give a reason?

Because who gives a fuck about gamefaqs?

The place is scrubbier than SRK is now-a-days.

Fair enough. If no one wants to, then have a mod lock the thread.

Eventhubs vs SRK, go go :rofl:

Why not have a little/big site vs site tournament? This game is all about hype and that would be pretty good. So many people play only online so this would be good to show their stuff especially with Spectator mode. Try posting this in the UMvC3 forums

Well judging from some hostility I got here, I’d assume most people wouldn’t want to.

Eh thats SRK but nonetheless, I think you’d get more replies if you posted it in the UMvC3 forum or you can even just do a quick post in the UMvC3 GD

i can see a lot of matches ending in ragequits because we play cheap, spamming asists, fireballs/lasers, combos, etc, etc

Well looking through some archives, I found out there was an 8v8 SSFIV tourney between gamefaqs and SRK, was that a bad experience or something? Why couldn’t the same thing happen with UMvC3?

Well obviously the best from each side would be playing each other, random forum troll #4271 wouldn’t be allowed to participate, so I don’t think that would need to be worried about.

Nonetheless, I agree that Gfaqs might not be the best site to have a site vs site tourney. Maybe eventhubs?

What did happen with that SSFIV tourney? Now Im intrigued

There was a gfaqs vs. srk tourney for sf4, so why not for this one?

If people were willing to I’d set it up, I ppsted it on gamefaqs where it was met with somewhat positivity.

No rules have been broken so I see no reason to lock this thread. Carry on, and good luck with your tournament… dood!

it would be online and thus extra meaningless (beyond the regular meaninglessness that the “not fucking mattering” aspect of it brings)

The answer is simple, because you and I know well enough that no such thing will ever happened.

Actually it did happen in the past with SSF4. Do you enjoy being wrong or something?