What would you like to see an SF character do?

That thread about the (nonexistant) Marvel vs Capcom crossover kinda inspired me. There’s a lot of things that you think about from time to time that your favorite SF character would probably do, but they haven’t gotten around to showing it in the games. So if you have any ideas for stuff you’d like to see, list them here. I’ll start to give a couple of ideas.

  • Vega is a ninja right? We’ve all seen him bullfight in anime and game endings and other random places (click here). But he hasn’t really done very much in the way of being a ninja. Now Shadowlaw is a huge organization that’s heavily into technology. It would be kinda cool to have Vega infiltrate some other big company to get some data for Bison. Maybe one Ken’s dad’s companies? Since Ken and Vega are already turning into rivals. Interpol would work also, since the #05 backstory hinted at some drama between Cammy and Vega.

  • Does Sean actually play basketball? Or does he just try to be all stylish and crazy but wind up losing all day? Isn’t there anyone else in SF that would be up for a game against him? I mean, Ken and Sean probably played a lot during the time they were training - just as another form of competetive exercise, at the very least.

Chun Li’s supposed to be a pretty good shooter, right? In Alpha 3 and the Alpha anime she has a gun but has never fired a shot. It’d be interesting to see some of her Interpol training alongside her martial arts.

Hmm… I dunno, I like guns but generally, they’re kind of out of place to actually USE in something like Street Fighter, which is more themed on getting down to the bare fisticuffs. I guess Chun-Li could use guns on some generic thugs but then you have to wonder why bother when her fighting skills so surpass generic thugs that she could literally kick the crap out of them with one foot tied behind her back, anyways. Heck, I think it’s kinda looked down upon to use guns in the Street Fighter world, given all the insults Cody gives Edi. E about his weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

In some magical universe separate from our own, I could see it happening in a spin-off Chun-Li series from the comic or something, but right now I’m not sure how it’d fit in.

Vega shares infiltration abilities with Cammy, the Dolls, and Rolento, and there are many many other ninjas in the SF roster, so it might be hard to find an extra opportunity to have him do extra ninja-ing when there’s already lots of ninja-ing going around.

Sean’s introduction will probably involve him playing basketball with some random people, I’m almost sure of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Guile spent most of the SF Anime racing around and whiffing moves. So it would be kinda cool to see a Guile vs Ken race at some point. I don’t know if Ken would be the best fit here, but most SF charas don’t really have fancy/fast cars. Still, it’s not a bad pairing since they know each other and there’s obviously some in-law tension there. To be honest though, it might be a better idea if Guile raced someone from the SF3 storyline because that would allow for a cameo without getting too intertwined with the storyline. Maybe Dudley would be good, if that sort of thing fits the character at all - i’m not really sure to be honest. It’s too bad Zangief doesn’t know how to fly a MiG or Guile vs Zangief would get really interesting.

i wanna see ryu traveling around the world. hadouken. Where does he sleep? where does he go to? how does ryu start a fight? do people know who ryu is? or why is ryu so go at hitch hiking? tiger shot. besides his fighting and his storyline. how the hell does he travel so damn well??:mad: yoga fire:lol:

I’d like to see an SF character star in a new game with a new sprite, but we all know that isn’t happening…


I’d like to see Blanka actually using Capoiera

I want to see Akuma lose…

What about a swimming race? And there are always plenty of cyclists in the backgrounds…

Dhalsim? How about Jason Kidd in the EA Vs Capcom game? I guess with all the high jumps you could get some amazing dunks…

I’d like to see Rose meet up with the Doll April’s brother so we can get an idea of what he would look like.

I dunno I wanna see Blanka and dan chilling and joking around. Sometihng light in this series.

Or Bison looking all regal eating some fancy dinner and then a soldier of his busts in because of an alert and Bison chokes.:smiley:

To be honest, i would like to see what AKUMA is doing besides training. I mean, to maintain such muscles he HAS to eat something. He cant just sleep on the road in ever country, i mean he can get away with it in india(hence SF2:The animated movie, and for some reason, he was surrounded by fruit?)

What does akuma do?

He sells apples to children.

…I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I were right.

We should create a flame war over whether it was apples or oranges. I think it was oranges and if you think it was apples you obviously don’t know anything about SF.

Fixed for you.

I’d like to see a love story featuring Akuma, like before he got really into his training. Maybe he has a girlfriend or wife and she died, it would be cool to see Akuma in love.

Apparently Guy can sprint 100m in 10.2sec, so how about an old-school mashing subgame?

Heheh. reminds me of the Puzzle Fighter where he has goggles on…

it would be cool to see chun li take off her damn dress & show that she really doesn’t wear thongs & bras.

I would have to agree. I want to see akuma lose once. But it better be a 1,000 page comic and the best damn drown out fight ever.