What would you like to see on the EVO DVD?

I’m not sure if this was mention before or not but here it goes again. Post what you would like to see from this evo DVD. They might listen to what you have to say and add in your request. Serious and reasonable request only please. Thanks


The crowd. I saw some guy video taping the crowd for reactions. I hope this makes the DVD

I would like to see matches from each game 16 to 32. While that’ll be a lot of matches, if any of them were recorded then theres bound to be good matches or weird things that I wouldn’t have dreamed of seeing if we only limit it to the 4 four or whatever.

-the crowds reaction after justin lost and duc winning.
-semi finals of the cvs2 matches
-3s and marvel team tournament

Me getting my ass whooped…lol :karate:

Crowd reaction, of course.
A fairly balanced amount of “highlights” matches.
And maybe, some ‘extras footage’ (like seth cam of last year’s)

crowd reaction

-Crowd Noise
-Bonus Matches from each game
-Pre/Post-Match Interviews

Well…i want the Alex Valle “money matches” =D
And obviously the USA Vs Japan =D~

I’m sure the dvds will have the top 8 finals from each game.

In addition to this, I’d like to see Justin Wong vs Rawbzilla. Soo vs Yipes for MvC2.

Combofiend vs Nitto and Combofiend vs Tokido in CvS2.

I wanna see the EVO crowd, boo the MLG halo players… lolz too funny. Oh yeah, and the crowd’s reaction at SF Generations… damn, priceless… had to be there. No DVD can give you the real feeling!

mystery science theater does street fighter generations special guess me, with other random people yelling as well!

EDIT: oops didnt realize shankar already more or less said it lol

Me/You/And Nite on stage at the end!!! shit was fire :encore:

The inclusion of player interviews would be great, especially from nuki, mago, bas, and such. Other additions to consider for the Evo DVD are more match footages and a lot more behind the scene views.

Other than my mvc2 matches (wins or losses)… I would really like to see crowd reactions. Dips and others acted so silly when Justin lost to Yipes, it was like a mosh pit lol.

We we’re going nuts bill fell on me X_X

combofiend making his crazy ass run through the losers bracket in cvs2 (particularly his matches against tokido nestor and nitto), and me vs rf! :tup:

as many…random…matches…as possible.

clockw0rk <3

  • crowd reaction during finals
  • show how many games each player has won in the subtitles. Like say if its 1 - 0 between A and B, could you have it show 1 - 0 in the subtitles at the beginning of each match for like 5 seconds?

i suggest this because when I show my casual friends the dvds, they’re always saying “wait, so is he up one or is the other dude up one?” i think this would help clear a lot of confusion ppl may run into