What would you think about a street fighter 4 tournament with bans?


Coming from playing dota 2 and a tiny bit of LoL I have really been getting into SF4 and watching old evos etc and its so much fun to play. The one thing Id think would be really cool for a tournament would be having bans like in moba games. It would be really interesting to see both players meta game each other and seeing pros pull out characters they arent used to . I think giving both players 3 character bans each bo3 would be awesome and we could see more of the cast then we are used to / more variety.




Im not talking evo or anything …just a single tournament once a year or something I really think it would be awesome to see people try and get rid of Daigos Ryu and 2 of his other strong characters …at the same time hes doing the same to the opponent a lot of strategy could come of this …I think theres a lot of potential for a fun viewing experience


I would still prefer to see Daigo play whoever he likes. I understand where you’re coming from, but personally, just no thanks. Not even once a year.


So basically like a tournament using only low tier characters…no thanks.


the example I gave was 3 bans on each side … that would leave 33 characters … I hope you dont consider 33 characters low tier


You want to be the best, you have to beat the best. I would be completely against this. I’d rather see PR rog’s top notch balrog than watch him scrub it out with some other character.

It would hurt character specialists way too much. I want to watch players at their best, not their second or third best.


Character locks would be much more fun.


Well in Japan there was an event for SF2 characters only, I think the idea is pretty good.


Three of the consensus top five characters would’ve been playable there anyway, so eh.


This would be awesome. You register your name and character, you are locked the entire tournament with that character. No counter picking to help you out with tough matchups. It would be very entertaining.


Would do it for fun. But not as a serious thing. Any result from this tournament would be consider fraudulent anyway since you end up beating folks by preventing them from using their mains.


The problem with this idea is that a fighting game character has far more depth than a moba character. A moba’s depth comes from the universal game mechanics and team strategy, whereas a fighter’s depth comes almost entirely from the depth of individual characters. Locking somebody out of the character they have spent literal years perfecting is a terrible idea.


Actual moba style bans would be stupid. People switch characters all the time in mobas, most SF players only seriously play one character with one alt, so everybody would just ban their oponents main, and their alt if they knew it, and nobody would know what they were doing, it would be a waste of time, and look like crap. Do it with your friends if you want, but it’s a horrible idea for competitive play.

“Low Tier” tournaments occasionally happen, where various characters are banned tournament wide, but that’s more to see a different metagame, and it’s usually done in team games like KoF or MvC where you need to learn several characters anyway, so most people have a larger list of characters they can play, so the level of play is often still decent, if not as high as normal.


Character Specialists would get destroyed.

it might be fund seeing Daigo trying to play his Ryu style with Elf for a bit, but why not just plays casuals at that point?


Its a good idea for a side tournament, but not one people are flying or diving a distance to get to.


I would be ok with it being a side tournament I just wanna see some good players strategy of bans throughout a bracket with some good casters

If I win the mega lottery though … Im holding this tournament and making it a million dollar prize and naming it banvo

just to make you all angry !!!


I get where you’re coming from, since I played DotA for a while. But, those bans kind of only work for team based games. It’s a neat idea to have low tier characters be played, but I think it wouldn’t be popular with the community as a whole.

Usually in MOBAs, bans are placed on characters so that a team comp isn’t going to just body your team completely in the first 20 minutes. Not to limit or detain the skill of players that happen to do well with those characters.


It takes much more dedication to master a fighting game character than a MOBA character. A comparable MOBA tournament would ban people from playing their main lane, which is a preposterous notion to any sane man.

It might be doable in, say, KOF13 where the individual characters are somewhat simpler to learn, there’s less meaningful character-specific stuff and the game system a much bigger part of how matchups play out so that “playing KOF” is a more general skill. But even then it’d basically be a joke as serious competition, and definitely so in SF4.


^ pretty much what Komatik said

back when i played Dota ( the original one ) i only mained two characters , Venomhencer and Strygwyr, yet i could pick any other character and just play fine , because the meta come mainly from the items/gold/times it take you to get said gold/farming/your teamate/team composition roles ect … and not that much from how good you are with any said character, you only have simple task to do right at the right moment wich nearly any character can perform

SF4 is way deeper than that