What would you trade for a functional reversal?

I would gladly:

lose all versions of rainbow roll.
have ex up ball dizzy me if blocked.
lose all unblockable set ups.
sacrifice my first born son

in exchange for a safe on hit (-2) ex up ball when hitting in the first two frames. :’(

None of those

I also wouldn’t mind up ball coming out a frame slower and being easier to safe jump. So long as when I hit, I don’t pay for it with a reversal ultra to the face.

I second what bush says everything you listed IMO are worse for blanka I honestly don’t find blankas options that horrendous, you play some of the other characters a bit you’ll realize some of them will wish they had blankas ‘crappy’ ex upball and ex rainbow

to add on if your opponent can ultra you on hit then stop using it… This should
just be match up knowledge all characters got their flaws


Well yeah it was mostly a joke. …Mostly.

I don’t think the move is crappy at all, it’s really good it’s just fundamentally broken as a reversal. If it were safe on hit you could still safe jump it, bait it, and take it out of the equation but you’d have to try. But when I do it at the right time and I’m punished for it it feels like the game is rewarding my opponent for taking damage. It’s a good idea to just walk at blanka and press any button you like short of eating a wake-up ultra. Just after seeing the proposed changes to horizontal ball, it feels like such a tiiiny step to give it to up ball instead, which would make such a dramatic difference. Blanka would still have a ton of weaknesses. Just not a single gaping black hole vs 50% of the cast.