What would your reaction be if they cancelled SFV now?

Not to jinx it or anything, but how would you feel if they cancelled Project SFV? Capcom have done it before with Capcom Fighting All-Stars (for monetary reasons, I believe?) and gave us Capcom Fighting Evolution.

So, in such a case would you rather they cancelled the entire project or gave us another, low-budget game containing what they have done so far with SFV?

It’s like not even possible anymore, but just to play along, I would probably cry.

SF5 cancelled = rip fighting games

They wouldnt cancel it, mostly cause capcom has already spent way to much money on it.

I would be utterly shocked. Something that I’m so excited for ceasing to exist. I would feel an emptiness. I base a lot of my future enjoyment in life off of playing street fighter. That may sound pathetic, but I truly enjoy the game and there are few things in life I find that I truly enjoy.

Perhaps the more things I find that I truly enjoy in life, then the less empty I would feel and the less I would care if it got cancelled.

The utter stupidity of cancelling the game this far in development would make my head explode.

I cannot fathom what would happen, I would wager that at least 1 sector of the internet would implode, completely annihilating all life within it.

Anyway, Sony wouldn’t allow it. #TeamSony

Remember that episode of Family Guy where Brian imagined if Peter died?

The most recent build would be leaked online and it would be Project M tier.

Something like this:



You’re saying that as if games don’t get cancelled at 10%/30%/50%/70% being done

:coffee: <-

Another strange what if thread.

…oh well.

…and it’s quite reaching.

I would throw things… All the things

I would say oh no another crapcom game that no one will be playing n 6 months

less confused and upset than I am at how fucking stupid this thread is

How has somebody spent 9 years on srk and not know better than to make dumbass threads like this one? @d3v

The flames of my butmadness would consume the entire planet

You didn’t have to contribute to its dumbassery by posting in it?

Rose isn’t in yet so this wouldn’t bother me too much. If she was, then it would be another matter.