What you combo with after U1 hit


ofcourse if you have no full super , but you do have few super bars
what you usually attack with ,after U1 hit the opponent

i know you can do many things but what is the most damage possible ?

for me now i use EX Yoga Flame which is 90+90 Damage

and when watching Dhalsim videos i see most of people do st.HP , or yoga sniper which makes 85 Damage

so i wanted to know what you guys usually do after U1


But seriously though… Ex flame is good, and actually sweep might be a good option sometimes:P Knee in corner and FP fullscreen:)

It depends.
If I lead the game, I use flame mp or EX. I also use them as finisher, or if I can win with another s.hp after that combo.

But If I’m in the corner versus a rushdown opponent (like Chun, Cammy, Rufus , Abel) I prefer to teleport to the other side, because if you reset you cannot teleport safely (except if you use db.hk lol)

When im lazy and i hate to time for ex.yoga flame. I always go with slide mk, b.HK. good damage. and so easy.

It seems we have to change our habits in SSF4 AE lol

yes EX flame got damage reduced , damn it