What you just ate thread


The rules are simple.

  1. Post what you just ate. Try not to create posts duplicate of previous posts.
  2. You may include one low quality non-spoiler picture in your post. If you want more pictures or high quality use spoiler tags.
  3. You may include/link to recipes.
  4. If you bought it you may include location, price, etc.

I’ll start it off but don’t have pictures, plus I’m cheap so nothing special:

Chicken and Thick Spaghetti w/ Shrimp
Boil thick spaghetti (Barilla) with no salt (drain after, don’t let it become too soft). Previously defrosted two chicken thighs. Coat with cheap seasoning salt then throw them in a frying pan. Use a small one so the chicken cooks in its own grease and is soft, flip them often. Boiled 3-5 jumbo shrimp (cleaned before doing it). Then took a metal container, put a large lemon inside, then used the ElderGODHand to strike down and pulverize the lemon into juice and pulp (warning: do not attempt on a wooden table or you will need a new one after :sad:). Place the jumbo shrimp inside the lemon juice/pulp for over 10-15 minutes so they are fully submerged (duration depends on surface area exposure of shrimp to lemon). When the chicken is done, place the two pieces into the spaghetti and mix it up (do not add the extra grease from the frying pan, get rid of it and wash the frying pan with the quickness). Then add the jumbo shrimp to the spaghetti and mix. The spaghetti should have a slight taste of the grease/seasoning salt from the chicken but the lemon taste should be mostly restricted to the shrimp.


French Bread pizza.
Bought from: Costco
Recipe: Microwave for 3 minutes on high.

I feel so ashamed of myself :[


I went to Noodles and Company, got the Penne Rosa with parmesan and a raspberry ginger ale. Every time I get it with fetta cheese, I immediately have to take a mean dump, even more prominent than drinking coffee.


Doritos Cool Ranch
Bought from: Drug Mart

  1. Open Bag
  2. Remove chip
  3. Consume

Dat seasoning


Two chicken breasts, coated in Chicago Steak Seasoning from a shop called Penzey’s Spices. Pan fried in a little olive oil
Two ears of sweet corn, boiled
Homemade mashed potatoes leftover from earlier this week


Taco Bell Volcano Burrito with one of those Pina drinks
Still was hungry so I fixed my own burrito
That should do me in for a while


I just drank a coup of coffee and a glass of water. Does that count?

I haven’t eaten yet. Still trying to figure out what I want. I’ll be sure to post it once I get it though. :tup:

edit ~ I want to go to Good Luck, but it’s night and I don’t want to get shot. :sad:


Went to this place here in oakland on international ave called cam huong or some shit. It’s a viet or thai food place9don’t really know since they’re kinda mixed around alot over there) Had some shrimp and crab pho with fish wontons in it, with some Arizona green tea, it was pretty damn good.


Lindt 70% Cocoa dark chocolate bar with Haribo gummi bears.


I decided to eat a personal cheese pizza and a coup of soup. Then just now I had a salad. :tup:


In before pussy
pictures - private
recipe - alcohol, music and jokes (Magic The Gathering trading cards for serious game)
location - clubs, kebab shops, price range upwards of 2 drinks.


I get none :frowning:


3 over easy eggs.


George foreman Grilled chicken sauteed in Penut Butter sauce.


Don’t eat the food.


Chilean sea bass, mache rosette, grape, goat cheese with thyme, tea.




Chicken Soft Tacos from Dell Taco and a Cherry Coke


clever ruse to uncover the weenies who take pictures of the food they eat

gyro pita!


had a ruth’s chris steak a few hours ago. it was nice, but i can’t believe there are people who would pay $70+ a head on a regular basis. had a “special” which included a salad, filet, side, and dessert for $65. without the special it’s like $60 minimum for just a cut of meat; anything else is extra. maybe in america it’s normal to spend that much on a steak, but it’s the most expensive one i’ve ever eaten.


just ate some kimchi fried rice that the wife cooked.