What you learned at Evo this year

  • fitting 10 people in your room is hard but doable (and somewhat fun)
  • honda is broken in yomi
  • the location of choi’s cheese
  • how to tell the cannons apart
  • smash is better with items
  • certain parties will stab the shit out of your back in munchkin
  • the best place to collect whormon cards is out on the strip
  • the bellagio ballrooms can fit my house within them about 8 times for free

Lessons learned:
Never buy things from the Tropicana
2 buffet visits…max!
It’s better to do karaoke while drunk than sober
Mr. Wizard is not a scary person
Should’ve split a room…:sad:
Carry less cash
Never stay in a room next to a honry old couple
Deodorant is your best friend…

Stuff I learned:

–I’m more of a lightweight than I thought. Also puking in the MGM bathroom is a pleasant experience because one of those bathroom attendant guys will bring you a nice warm towel if you ask for it.
–That I will never beat A-Sakura, ever. Seeing as how this is the end of CvS2 as a competitive game, I never made it over the top.
–If I just open fold KQo every time I get it, I’ll be up at least $1000 more every month. Swear to god that hand cost me about $400 this week.
–Carrying $2500 in cash on me makes me legitimately paranoid.
–Being in a manwich with Nam and NKI is, in fact, too gay for me.
–When someone comes up to you with a Gatorade bottle that is a dark brown color, don’t drink it. It isn’t Gatorade. Also, try not to chug it under any circumstances. Taste before chug. No matter how thirsty you are.
–I need to play more than 1 character/team in every game from now on. AKA I have to play a game enough where I can learn more matchups. Losing to Kusumondo because I only play Vega sucks and losing to random A-Sakura because K-Yama can’t stop getting eaten alive makes me sad.
–TvC is going to be a really fun game.
–SF4:CE (which is what console version is basically going to be) is going to be really fun also. SF4:vanilla…ehhhhhhh, a lot of people were already starting to complain by the time Saturday rolled around.

–Jay Snyder

Dan Marino is a douche bag.

Choi got more Seoul than [media=youtube]ozViF4vD0Vs"[/media]

Fitting 20 people in your room is hard but doable (and a really bad idea).

can someone tell me how to tell the cannons apart. i still cant, and i genuinely want to be able to.

-Japanese players are really messy.
-MMs never work out.
-Horse Racing game is fucking dope and hype.
-3s is really boring when there are more than ANY chuns on the screen(except for amir)

smaller eyes, killing intent, may or may not want to hear your shit: inkblot
larger eyes, generally less fear-inducing: ponder


-cowboy hats are dope even if people think i’m from tx and/or fobby
-never take any nasty ass rum prior to a cvs2 match…apparently, i will dash into a stand fierce 909090909x and smile while it’s happening
-i love marvel even though it’s shit ass old.
-most of srk are either closet homosexuals and/or attention whores that pretend to be homosexual
-mr. wizard in a white suit was beyond words…
-apoc, excuse me, TUPAC freestyling is on some big L shit…hahahaha
-potter vs. toan was pretty close and screaming for potter makes me lose my voice
-viscant always poses regardless of being at the pool/in bed/playing poker/eating/etc etc
-strider hiryu can drink 1/2 bottle of rum by himself and stumble all the way to MGM to pick me up then pass out right when we’re supposed to drink
-some people are super cheap even if they win hella money from poker
-hooters wings are gdlk but the service sucks and that skinny ass asian hostess bugged the hell out of me
-j360 is really solid and my msp is super mashy
-MGM = donkerstars but boosted my live play by infinity
-CVS2 finals will never cease to amaze me
-jetphi laying down the vietnamese magic on the ladies
-NOBODY retires from videogames…they just lie…
-vodka/cranberries are sent from heaven

If you are heading into a restaurant with a large group of people, and are being seated next to an even larger group of people, make fucking sure your server knows to split the motherfucking checks, so you don’t end up with like 9 extra orders of hotwings on your bill and some steak and eggs you never had.

since i didnt do much besides drink/play poker the entire week, this is what i learned.

-although gatorade bottles hold more liquor than bottled water bottles, the latter is easier to carry around
-in vegas you really only need 1 meal a day. the rest of your basic calorie needs can easily be obtained from alcohol consumption

  • dont bet on/against mike ross. somehow i still lose in the end.
  • calling two all ins with KK preflop with dudes holding AK and AJ and i can still lose because dealer magically runs out quadzilla.
  • Tropicana TVs obv are gdlk. 16in old crt with 7 channels and no av hookups. what more could you ask for.
    -If you get hooked up with an EvO tee earlier because john choi hooked you up, leave ballroom immediately because evo staff will not hesistate to steal it back from your drunk ass.
    -bring fiber. i did not have a single bowel movement that wasnt just squirting out of my ass. im not sure if it was the alcohol or them chimichangas in the ballroom.
    -the entire trip i was between NKI and Viscant, who were almost always just in boxers. obv hard to resist temptation. although one night i was just passed the fuck out and apparently some sorta sandwich took place, and im not sure whether i was bread or meat
    -while in the room, we were watching womens volleyball, and the Jap team has some bitch named takeashite. take a shit e. shit had me dying.
    -driving home from vegas at 5am is obv a good idea esp when youre sleepy.

-“It pays to hang out with a ghost”
-In ST, Zangief’s roundhouse hold has a 25% chance of doing up to 65% damage (Or so says Graham Wolfe… Shit was amazing)
-The Tropicana serves $4 orange juice… no refills
-Learned about the VF terms “moral” and “abare”
-The average game of ST ends with 55 seconds left on the clock
-The origin of the following handles: Sweet Johnny V, zerodotjander, haunts
-MrQuotes snores like a motherfucker :rofl:
-“Ken is like the Daddy of 3S”
-zass and Airthrow have the same first name and initials
-Mike Watson likes Third Strike because… Aw let’s face it, Third Strike sucks
-Spence is a really nice guy
-Skynet already exists
-“Playing to win is different than playing not to lose.”

i learned just how lame 3s is…

i mean it was like and hour of the same move and the same fucking setup,

how the fuck is this game so popular? i mean i think its a cool game, but its become super boring at the highest level

Your ass came into our room drunk wanting to play CvS2 for buttsex.

What a way to start my stay in Vegas. :rofl:

are you the guy who was asking me how to pull off that kyo combo on laugh? :rofl:

I learned that somebody just don’t know how to rock new clothes for Evo.
Also if your ugly and wear tigh shirts your gonna be really salty when u read this!

What I learned in the end:

  • Need to play more cool people at evo
  • Need to chill with more cool people at evo
  • More clubs after evo
  • More money matches ( Tropicana’s tv, as mentioned before, rox :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Keep track of guap better while in vegas, they tryin to break a nig
  • Make sure the people that are in your room don’t snore like a motherfucker
  • If you got a friend that likes to tell clearly inappropriate stories at clearly inappropriate times, knock him the fuck out when clearly inappropriate times approach.
  • Even if it’s your first Evo, if you’re nice enough to 'dem Cannons even you can run a Marvel bracket.
  • Don’t run a Marvel bracket
  • No seriously, don’t run a Marvel bracket
  • Keits + skisonic + nothingxs + munchkin = hilarious times ahead

What i learned:

-carryin a mas stick was pain in the ass… (re-considerin for a customzied and more portable size)
-stayed at circus circus but shoulda stayed at trop…
-ppl told me they check id in vegas, TOTAL BULLSHITS!!!
-next year will go for more for the gamblin than evo… lol

hahaha Fudd. good shit.