What you learned at Evo this year

I had you in my bracket, I was the A-todo player. Both are matches were ridiculously close and ended the same way, my blanka bringing you to Hibiki, you Hibiki killing me to Todo then me inching out a win with dash super:rofl:

What I learned
even when you feel like you never want to drink again, and your about to go to sleep…take that beer.

yeah that was my scrubby ass… :sad:

lol take that beer im gonna step up my drinkin minimum of 2 40oz at keystone from now on

-gatorade is not gatorade. ITS GATORADE
-Voodoo lounge witches brew is the drink of satan
-going to vegas with non-fighting game people and going to evo on the same trip is like being in a room with a million $1 bills and trying to pick up as much as you can in a minute… you just cant have all the fun that there is to be had.
-albert is a pretty ass ho
-looking around for 5$ blackjack tables blows ass… its much more fun to just play $10-15 tables even if your money disappears faster
-everyone on srk, despite popular belief, does not have import model gf/5201578201 dollars/90 inch dick/mansion/and is unstoppable at sf

learned alot

-Grand Marnier straight with EVO finals increases the hype 4x
-Ohnuki is a funny guy
-play to win at tournaments
-Excaliber breakfast buffet is godlike
-I got the potential but I have yet to reach it.
-The hoes are still bold as ever
-Grand Marnier straight is “The” drink. i love that cognac

It didnt hit me till I got home how disappointed I was in my performance this year. I let pussy, work and all kinds of shit get in the way of preparing for Evo. I half assed it and payed for it. the kid is refocused but still havin fun. There’s got to be a way to fit my love of streetfighter into my life schedule. Gotta get on that goddamn dvd

I learned nothingxs is a short loud Mexican.

I learned that nobody likes the nasty yellow bastard Jose Quervo.

-Tropicana is constructed out of STD’s made solid

Actually…that is it. Tropicana was pure skank.

  • Strip clubs are boring after 5 in the morning.

  • Jess kills my money

  • Should have spent more time fixing my stick before Evo

  • Kai can’t play on one side of the stick in 3S???

  • I can definitely contend with FFA players in 3S.

  • Work on my parry game during clutch situations

  • Getting 2 chances to make top 8 and not getting them really sucks.

  • CVS2 went out with a bang.

  • SFIV has a lot of potential.

  • C.Viper is gonna get raped by half the cast.

  • Rufus is good.

  • I should actually try some slots/blackjack next year.

  • I’m actually gonna buy the DVD this year since I did just well enough to be on it. Will learn things I’m sure.

  • 3S Ken still scares me.

That when a hot drunk chick and her friends tell you to give them your sausage it does NOT mean the bacon and eggs variety… She will throw that shite back at you after her friend sucks it out of her cleavage.

Proof: [media=youtube]NM65-tvpBk4[/media]

Also learned that it does not matter what you film in HD, YouTube can make it look like it was filmed on something made by Fisher-Price you picked up at a garage sale from that “weird” neighbor down the street…


-what happens in vegas, might not stay in vegas
-asian aging can get you carded… many times… at the same table
-if you’re wearing slippers, moving tvs at a steep angle is tad difficult
-hd remix isn’t done =(
-justin wong doesn’t need much more than an hour to exploit a game for what it’s worth (ie: tvc)
-good marvel mm’s still hype
-open bar makes it easier to do karaoke
-being wasted might not help ones reading skills during karaoke
-hot girl walks to you, 9 out of 10 she’s probably a hooker
-hot girl walks into you, she’s drunk
-if your radar’s on to pick up someone, look for the ones holding their shoes, they’re drunk and can be a good conversation
-if for some reason you pick them up, be sure you can carry them for more than a block, because if you drop them, you fail
-locking the bathroom, while a girl “need(s) to go” but you’re in there busy with her roomate is grounds for getting kicked out
-trop security blows. a certain staff member (ryhmes with “me”) did the metal gear thing after 2 ps3s were stolen and found at least 3 entry points after the hall was considered ‘locked’
-old school still got it
-joey crack lives!
-nam can drink… a lot…
-east coast needs an in and out
-going straight to work after a red eye flight isn’t a great idea

More evidence that 3s sucks: It doesn’t matter what character dominates the top 8, people will complain.

From what I gathered, the problem isn’t who dominated the top 8, it’s that one character is very dominant in top 8. Watching almost nothing but chunchun matches is boring :confused:

Last year had 121 genei-jins in top 8 or something like that and people complained. It isn’t chun exclusive.

LOL. I remember the crowd was betting on over or under 125 Genei Jins or something like that. That made the finals so much more entertaining. That and Nitto’s accidental resetting of his match that he was about to win vs. Nuki. Dramatics always makes fights more entertaining. Funny thing is…the more I play and understand 3rd Stirke the more interesting Chun Chun matches become for me. Especially now that I’m really understanding the real stress involved in that mirror match. Probably the most frustrating mirror match to play in the game. It just looks like 2 bitches throwing the same moves at each other…but in reality it’s a very intense stress ridden matchup.

One year there’ll be 3 Ibukis in the finals. Until then…I’ll just keep practicing.

This being not only my first Evo but also my first national gaming tournament, I’ve a couple of things.

  • Never accept transportation around Vegas from a friend who is not actually attending Evo.
  • Custom arcade sticks are badass and I want one.
  • Seriously, don’t rely on transportation from others not attending the event. Because of that bullshit I missed most of the finals as well as my chance to play Street Fighter IV and BlazeBlue.

Hopefully they won’t be crouching for 30 seconds straight.

just saw this…HILLARIOUS!!!

word to the wise, if you win over a certain amount, whether it be $ amount or physical amount (ie over 1000 coins whether they be quarters or pennies), they’ll id you when you pick up your winnings.

TFGM will perform Magneto’s RH grab on you if you’re too loud