What you learned at EVO thread

i learned so much about cvs2 at evo. i’m sure some of this might be old, but some of it won’t be. for everybody who went to evo, post whatever you saw in cvs2 that you didn’t know, or that was effective or interesting or whatever. here goes…

  1. start your customs with your fastest low hitting move. when i played blanka, i would activate and always use crouching short. people would get pissed because they WERE blocking, just not low or quick enough. i also saw RF use crouching short with bison (at close range). sure, you sacrifice damage, but it’s often the difference between your custom hitting and missing.

  2. i remember a long ways back that gunter wrote an article about anti C-groove air block trip guard CC’s, where you activate mid-air and hit your air-blocking opponent above you, and their tripguard is disabled when they hit the ground, so you can do your ground CC. in the final 8, kindebu was playing choi’s (?) C-sagat. sagat jumps back, kindebu jumps at him, activates, does two jumping fierces, a jumping short, lands, and does the ground CC beginning with short. and it’s a win/win situation. if they airblock, you do the above method, if they don’t, you still land about 4 air fierces and get some damage that way.

  3. when i saw ricky play dan (?) in the sakura vs sagat matchup, ricky used standing strong really well. at the range where sagat will throw standing forwards and standing shorts, ricky threw a standing strong to stuff it, and would use standing roundhouse to punish sagat’s fierces. standing strong is very important in the ground fight vs sagat and other characters due to its speed and high priority.

  4. against P/K groovers, at the VERY end of his shosho custom, kindebu would do crouching short x3 into fierce uppercut. it’s old news, but he was the only one doing it. that way, you get 1/5 or 1/4 of your meter back to chip them again.

  5. buktooth posted this awhile back, if somebody activates a custom against blanka, mash on KKK back hop. grand finals, kindebu vs ricky…kindebu activates, ricky counter activates, kindebu is dead right? nope, he backhops, RC balls ricky out of his CC. that’s blanka for ya.

  6. STOP GETTING HIT BY SAKURA’S OVERHEAD. mash on jab/short, level 3, counter activate, BLOCK IT, something. if you’re not in P/K groove, you know it’s coming if their sakura custom is being blocked.

  7. walk up, custom is too powerful:lol:. kindebu and RF fell for it everytime with bison.

  8. try and incorporate links into customs more. with bison, any combo into mk scissor kicks, CC, standing JAB, etc etc etc. with sakura, crouching short, crouching jab, CC, standing short, standing mk, shoshosho. with blanka, experiment with mid-screen RC electricity into CC to get the timing right. i would see full-metered sakura’s land a crossup mk, and just do low short x3 into uppercut. you’re passing up free damage, and her link into CC isn’t hard at all.

EDIT- 9. always get the most possible damage in any situation. i would see people have huge openings and just throw with sagat (instead of standing fierce into tiger uppercut) or do too many low shorts and mess up the timing and waste a level 2 super.

  1. patience, patience, patience. i can probably count the number of times i saw kindebu and RF do random rolls on one hand. don’t do jump ins that aren’t set-up, and just wait stuff out sometimes. comebacks are always possible in cvs2 if you’re not trying to force them too quickly.

well, that’s all i can think of for now. add your tips, and we’ll make a good thread.


PS- i’ll write a log soon enough too, so look out for that:cool:.

whats up popo I think I stayed with you a night C-honda player right??Im p-sak player,bleach spikey hair

anyways, I think the blanka cc started with a d/F.FP slide move,not the c.short. After the j.Fp’s of course.

I saw alot of activate…then throw, in a clinche it’s basically free.So that begs the question that wouldn’t iori,yun and todo be really good A-groovers, even maki and honda can get free 360 throw supers then…hmm

C-ken as good as he is seemed like he was struggling vs good players.Choi was using alpha counters so much, dont know why, prolly just to get quick advantages

Dan almost never jumpedd in and if he did it was a super early attack…he takes no risks in the air,trading a j.FK with the first hit of a tiger upper is worth it…almost.He’d much rather random roll to catch a whiff into level 2, yet very selective(risk vs reward),you know if hes playing footsie vega no super and his ken had a level two…It’s a good risk

It was kinda funny how choi had ricky beat in the finals but F’d up and then ricky had kindebu in the finals and f’d up…karma’s a bitch

Josh wong was the highest placed k-groover,but Eric lee I thought was tthe best K-player there,I think if you can’t play at Eric lee’s level K-groove has a really hard time.He hella choked vs wong letting up like 3 lv3’s.At least he pulled a crowd pleaser and jd’d the whole chun suoper into lv 3.It almost seemed like P-players did better over all, therre were like 4 of us in the top (15)??Someone else was plying P-sak…I was like wtf!I thought I was the only one.

uhh Ill write more later…gotta do sumthin.

I wasn’t there, but I still learned a few things. Japan has a hard time vs Ricky style Vega. Vega is fucking cheap. Also, I hate Vega. A Groove is gay. At the end of shoshosho, I do s.rh, rh hurricane, jab, strong, fierce dp. (that’s the sexiest thing to do).

Not a single Cammy in the final eight.

Conclusion: Stop using Cammy, she sucks. :slight_smile:

What I learned? That people will use A-Team and K-CBS in CASUAL. Not only that, but will turtle and runaway. God, I had SO much fun. GGPO. :lame:

You think they might of been wanting to actually practice for the tournament? You know, maybe something you should of been doing? :slight_smile:


edit: :wtf:

I learned that after standing around for 6 hours waiting to play a match, you should really calm yourself down. I went 2-2 in the pools because of that. First real big tournament I’d been to, and the waiting around got me un-warmed up, if there is such a thing. I should have went 3-1 at least. First match, I got trampled by a P-Raiden, which should have gone down if I would have even hit 1 just defend on the shoulder charge in. I was throwing random jump in’s all over.

I also learned A-Sakura owns K. RC fireball, sho sho sho chip for free, and so forth.

After watching Daigo parry all of chuns super, I realized that all the time spent in training mode JD’ing/Parrying against specific supers WILL pay off.

And worst of all, that I still can’t jump in JD a Sagat uppercut, so I should stop trying in the heat of a battle.

Nono, this was on Sunday where everyone’s just supposed to be chill and shit. I was really surprised that I still had to play this shit, but whatever.

roll super works

<-- p-sak


no, i might’ve played C-honda once the entire weekend. and i stayed at the kellogg west conference center on campus, not at the shilo inn or somewhere else, and nobody stayed with us besides the other 3 planned. so you must be thinking about someone else.

yeah, kindebu did use a slide after the jumping fierces, my bad. choi probably used so many alpha counters so he could switch momentum cuz his AC is basically a mp uppercut, which sets up ken’s crossup.

and josh wong does play K-groove, but didn’t he play A-sakura/bison/blanka in the tourney? i saw him win a game vs kindebu using that team (before kindebu beat him 2-1).


if YOU can honestly do that CC ender with sakura CONSISTENTLY (as in 9-10 times or 10-10), then keep it up. but otherwise, that shit is too easy to mess up, so i’d just stick with crouching short x3 into uppercut. i know it does more stun/damage/hits, but i think it’s only fun to talk about in the realm of theory fighter.


i kept using my A-blanka/sakura/bison team because there’s no arcades/competition in KY, so i have to get as much practice in with my best teams. besides, it gives you more practice against the harder teams you’re inevitably going to face.


i learned that the only way i’m ever gonna actually use meter with blanka or vega is by playing a-groove, which sucks because i like k groove but i can’t hang =(

The Re-Invention of Roll Super…Brought to you 1st by Doc Beezy!!!

    -B.:D :cool:


Were you the guy I played in CvS2 Group F, bracket 8?

I was playing K-Akuma, Blanka, Sagat.

yessir. start time at 8? naw, 12:15 instead. good games though.

laugh is right about people not using bison’s AA CC, i don’t use it myself that much. free damage, just like sak’s AA CC. people empty jump in and try to bait a tripguard custom, but they should be eating a AA CC instead.

Yeah, standing around for 6 hours waiting to play killed my first match, ended up playing really stupid. I’ve never fought against much A groove where I play, sadly, so I had no idea how to play against that RC A-Sak. Got my ass handed to me.

I think most people just get greedy when it comes to Sak and bison. Sure, you can get a decent CC off for free damage, but everyone wants to show off by Sho-Sho-Shoing or Painting, that they would rather hold out and cross their fingers.

yeah, that’s why i pulled a daigo and assed out on the couch for a few hours beforehand. and welcome to MY evo last year when i faced arturo’s C-sakura. i didn’t have a clue how to fight RC’s, so i got owned for free.

and with bison’s AA CC, you DO end up painting the fence, it’s just a matter of the first part connecting. cuz you activate, close standing mp, dp + lp, and then juggle to the corner and paint, but the problem is the spacing that’s kinda strict on the first two hits.


Here’s an even better trick:

activate CC, close fierce xx forward hurricane, some roundhouses, shoshoshoshoshoshosho…

Blanka’s caught in this no matter what if you start the CC close enough. If he does hop back, the forward hurricane catches him on the ground during his recovery, and you then proceed to shoshoshosho him to death.

I heard you had a really good run at this Evo man. Good shit. You get no love for sending my boy Daniel to losers, though. :frowning:

EDIT: Good shit to popoblo too. Even though I don’t think I got to play you, I could tell by watching that you got exponentially better than last year. Keep it up.

i learned that waitcancel > rollcancel

go eddie lee!