What you learned at EVO thread

ohh thats the daniel killah…you get no love dog

jus playin, daniel is fukin crazy and props to yo ass for beetin him

hey buk congrats for doin as well as you did, I wish I coulda knocked out more foos to make it easier for the svgl click…you guys were hella coo though so thx alot for makin this shit hella more enjoyable!!

that was me doing the full screen super jump juggle with bison. yes i know it does less damage that super jump juggle once into rh scissor kicks but i havent found a way to connect the rh scissor kicks consistently yet. back to training mode for me.

well i havent learn anything new that i can think of at the moment but it made me confirm a few theories

-P groove cammy is the best cammy hands down. cannon drill feints and option select hp makes her extremely dangerous. and also that parry into c.mk into super. got hit by that too many times trying to poke her

-iori > kyo from people i talked to. N iori can rush kyo down more easier than kyo can rush him down and A iori has free damage via chip CC.

-P rolento is one of the best P groove characters. low jump, parry into patriot circles, and almost unblockable low jump mp into tripwire. rolento in P just might be his best groove…

-N chun is better than C chun. low jump helps her a LOT.

-socal players know yamazaki is the truth. think i’m gonna use him more

gooooooooooooo CHANG!:cool:
i need to woop yo’ ass at 3s, bro!:stuck_out_tongue:

you’re talking about wonder-kid daniel tran right? i actually sent him to the loser’s bracket, because we both made it out of our pools in the winner’s bracket, and we played each other first round on saturday, and i won (barely). he’s really really good.

thanks for the props buk. we actually did play once in the BYOC room. too bad i didn’t get to see your C-kyosuke combos you were talking about:(.

hmmmmmmmm, what else did i learn at evo…

-don’t use sakura’s divekicks offensively. sometimes i would do that (cuz i’m stupid like that), and my opponent would usually just walk forward, block, and get a free throw.

I’ve learned that I need to make a controller made of STEEL so it doesn’t break on me during my first match!!

or…I just need to master the use of the namco sticks.


ps. Vega > Sak

Err… you do know that N-Groove Iori can just block a Blanka ball and run up and sweep for free right? No high blocking needed. Blanka still beats N-Iori, but not by spamming RC balls.

And yes, I did notice all the “shit balls” you accidentally got, and I’m definitely not honorable enough to pass up on the opportunity. :smiley:

No love for you either then. :frowning: I heard your match was really close, but he dropped you out of his Bison CC. Oh well. What happened to Eagle anyway?

I’d just like to quickly say that the quality of posts has gone up incredibly in the last 2 months. Not so far back, shoryuken was degrading to junk (hates to say this blasphemy,) becoming a forum for trash talkers and haters. It’s great to see threads like this (and others) with so much useful information.

I believe this is mainly due to the MUCH more frequent posting by top-tier players ;). Thesedays every thread I enter I know 80% of the posters (and it’s not because the community is small, but becuase so many of the posters are renowned for there skill.) So props to so many of you nice people takin some time out to help others out. I couldn’t get to evo this year (final year of school) :confused: so this thread is an excellent idea.

And just to stay on topic: Apparently there was quite the Yamazaki following this year. Any tips on how to help Shoto’s in the Yamazaki match-up? I’ve always known this was far from favourable for shoto’s, but an tips?

I learned how to rushdown better. Thats about it.

hi dont know where else to ask you but, did u go 1-2 in your cvs2 pool? and leave b4 playing your final match? i think i remember you because my friend went 2-1 and when u left he qualfied even though he didnt really play cvs2.

everyone in this thread smells like doo doo butter.

uh, what i learned… don’t pick k-groove even though it’s fun cause a-sakura is always gonna be there… and i need to get a dc or actually take some time to learn to do combos and stuff.

oh, and i learned that morrigans dash into jump is annoying as hell because you try to anti-air it too early and get hit with super

and i learned that bmorechun is a cool cat, and that australian people drink a lot on fridays, and that drinking beer until 6am and not sleeping is a bad idea… evo was great

yeah, he did drop me out of his CC, but it was towards the end of his meter and his full custom wouldn’t have killed me. basically, his A-sagat took out my A-blanka AND sakura, then my bison cleaned up his sagat. then i comboed into CC against his rolento, which was like a full life combo coming from a R2 bison to a R1 rolento. so he has a full metered bison and i don’t. we play the footsie game, then i fall for something like roll activate or dash activate or something, and his custom fills up my bar. so with a full bar, he accidentally does a psycho crusher when i’m in the corner. i block it, and CC him for the win. good match, but we both had plenty of mistakes due to nervousness.

the main reason i dropped eagle for evo in the actual tourney was because i won another tourney with A-blanka/sakura/bison and i wanted to keep that team. i know my eagle is infinitely better than my bison, but bison’s CC is infinitely better than eagle’s, so the ability to make a big comeback was more important. my eagle was doing extremely well in casual though. i remember i took out RF’s A-sakura and A-bison in casual with just eagle, and my eagle did well against kindebu in casual also. basically if i felt a team BAS mirror match was coming, i’d swap out eagle for sakura or bison. i just need to get my confidence back up with eagle, that’s all.


PS- in my match vs cole second round in winners, i learned that cammy owns sakura. play the range game all day with cammy’s standing roundhouse (which outranges sakura’s). sakura jumps or does a RC from a distance, cannon spike. ggpo sakura. anybody have any advice on this matchup?

Ya, I ended up getting there at noon. Waited for my match, which was suppose to start at 4 but started at 6 i think. Then I had to wait another hour to even play my second match. I was so damn tired i forgot it was round robin, and just walked around for a while.

I’m so pissed at myself.

*Originally posted by Nick T. *
** Ya, I ended up getting there at noon. Waited for my match, which was suppose to start at 4 but started at 6 i think. Then I had to wait another hour to even play my second match. I was so damn tired i forgot it was round robin, and just walked around for a while.

I’m so pissed at myself. **[/QUOTE

ah that sorry that sucks =o

Anything can happen…thats what I learned.


I learned that using 40’s and blunts as a cheap substitute for food and sleep can only do your body harm hahaha.

lol, priceless roger. if you can beat daigo hungover, imagine how well you would’ve done straight…

THE HOTNESS- i remember watching lifetimeboy (P-blanka) vs combofiend (K-sagat), and lifetimeboy was sitting there turtling for a few seconds, so combofiend did something like run in crouching mk or walk forward crouching mk or something, and LTB did crouching strong into super with blanka. the whole crowd was like:confused: :eek:

i swear i’ll have my evo log up one of these days.


I also learned thaT many people are on crack for playing money matches with me…dont you know the S-Randomness wins the money??? Lol…and I learned alot from Ratio1’s Beatdown School for Daigo Killers. Every day and everything was a learning experience.



what happens if the blanka player just holds up on the stick during activation freeze?

waht i learned at EVO… playing on sat in top 64 drunk off my ass sucked…

popo… i think i played you a cpl times in byoc room…

i picked eagle on you and you said “eagle is dope”…


just to clarify on the popo confusion…there is another popo from sacramento. He also plays c-honda so thats who magnus was probably thinking of.