What you think is the best KOF version?

I was thinking about getting KOF 2000/2001, but I dont know to much about KOF games.

Gameplay there is only KOF2002…

And the others are alright I guess if you want better graphics you could get 2000 or 2003 (a kof lite imo) neowave is like Kof2002 XXX# - 4 really good characters :…( and some boring ones added.

Kof2001 isn’t so bad for fun It isn’t a tourney game I’d get it over 2000 If I didn’t have any others. And Kof98 for Old School some people may tell you it’s the best but that’s only because of graphics imo

KOF 2000 and 2001 are pretty low on the KOF list. Especially 2k1, that game is beyond broken. In terms of gameplay 2k2 and 98 are the ones to play. 2k2 has the depth, 98 is the most balanced in terms of chars and gameplay. 2k3 is ok but ill go with bloodriot’s says as kof lite cuz it just doesnt feel like a KOF game to me. So order is (2k2 or 98), 2k3, then pick whatever.

You sure? Ex mode? AOF team SDM fireball rinse and repeat?:looney:
Aren’t there some really easy infintes and nasty abusive stuff in there somewhere?

I’m sure 2k2 is more balanced IIRC… 2k2 does have some set tiers but so does Strike… it is the way. I’d like to think that I play semi high level but maybe not :frowning:

but I’ve never really seen the top four dominate in an arcade… except athena shes a god… And everytime I play 98 there is always some fuzzy broke type of gameplay going on, It’s still good though but for me 2k2 for the win.

Man 98>2k2. None of that crazy max mode 5 bars for instant kill bullshit. In 98 the worst is like yashiro hcf+P (or was it hcb, it’s been a while) max mode qcf*2 combo. for 65%. The only infinites I know of that game were floating bugs involving jump installing a move while the screen was in a specific state. Then you could c.B x infinite for the win. Not in incredibly applicable. I’d take 98 over 2k2 any day. The only reason to play 2k2 is if you like the larger cast, with the playmorish characters.

Haven’t really kept up with recent kof, but I’d like to say 95. You haven’t seen what Iori can do until you played 95. But ya, when it comes to competition, 98, 2k2, neowave and xi(xi because it’s the most current one).

Yes but infintes don’t break a games esp if there are lots of iffy requirements… max bar, cornertrap, character vs charcter infinites… etc etc

I thought this has been discussed in length already :frowning: and I’ve never ever had a problem with infinites in 2k2 but the broken shit in 98 is so easy to do which is the general rule IIRC

Like what? Daimon’s roll cancel to dp+A bug? yashiro’s unblockable? Yeah easy. But not anywhere close to as powerful as the dumb shit you can do in 2k2. For example, hcf+P,P,P xx qcf+k xx hcf+P,P,P xx hcf+P,P,P xx sdm. Or dp+C xx HCB+K xx DP+C xx HCB+K xx dp+c xx sdm. Most max combo’s can chain themselves indefinitely bar permitting. And corner juggles are way stronger. Fuck, just watch this vid. Some of it is exposition, like FB combo’s but most of it is easy as pie.


found here: http://www.blood-sports.net/kof/kofmult/kofmovies/kofmovies.shtml

Other options

95 is quite good for an oldschoolish game, though the damage is whack and balance isn’t that great.

2k minus strikers is quite good as well. (The key thing being minus strikers) then it’s more like 2k2 - the Eolith additions, which is a good thing.

98 does have some stupid infinites in Extra, mostly the jump install down+C infinite for Kyo. Chin also has a quite difficult infinite (similar in style to Yama’s 97 infinite),but I’ve never seen anyone even attempt that, as the timing is crazy.

I rate 98 over 2k2 mostly cause of how the top tier plays- in 2k2, usually the top tier annoys you to death, in 98 they have to take some risk for their toptieredness

Hmmn but if you have full bar at the end of 6 rounds you deserve to be able to dish out some sirius damage… combo vids are not something you can gauge a fighting game on imo

match vids now we’re talking, match vids :rolleyes:

Also linking too bloodsport isn’t that a banable offence lol :rofl: geez why don’t you just link to gamefaqs next time :rolleyes: but whatever

I would have to go with 2K2 by just alittle bit.

Balance wise it would be 2k2, because besides the ABC Team everything seems to have a good chance to win against each other. Max mode isn’t as overpowered as it seems and not every Char has really good Max stuff. Ryo for example is a good Char, I would rank him upper mid, but he doesn’t has any really useful max combos.

Anyway, in all the other points, like Line up, Movesets (yeah RB2 Andy and of course RB2 Terry^^), stages, sound and playability, KOF 98 would be my pick …

2000, 2002, 2003, and XI.

Oh yes high level match vids, high level match vids :slight_smile:

2k2/NeoWave, though some will argue 98.

And the bottom line is this guys-NO GAME WILL BE PERFECTLY BALANCED…life is not fair, so there will never be true equality in games…

in other words there will ALWAYS be tiers in fighting games…

neowave/2002 then 98!!! but if you can have all of then do it!!!..=)

Haven’t played Neowave, but I’d have to say out of the others 2k2.

I’d say KOF 2002 for serious tournament action and 2003 for casual matches with friends…

Each KoF game has a different feel. most ppl or fans of the title will say 2002, NeoWave (since it’s 2002 Ver. 2) & 98. 2003 is good also.

I personally like KoF 97, cuz of the ‘feel’, it’s MAJOR problem is when you enter ‘MAX’ mode which increases your attack power. With Yashiro a combo such this:
Jumping :hk:–>Standing :hk:–>:r::df::qcb:+:hp: can wipe out 60% or so of your opponent’s lifebar! I dunno how it is in 98, but again…

98 is super-overrated. 2002 is OK. 2003 (PS2 mode only) is the most fun to me, I don’t care how broken Duolon is. Seriously, 2003 minus Duolon is the best KOF on console. KOFXI takes everything from 2003 and improves it tenfold.

If I were you, I’d wait for KOFXI.