What your Very Very First Mvc2 team ( Old School Thead)

what was your first team on mvc2,not 2nd,3rd or whatever,naw what was your very first you played,thought up on your own and stuck with.

mine was guile,charlie,rogue. :rofl:

Fuck! Those was the good times,everyone created there own teams,instead of other people creating teams for them.

anyways what was yours.


When I started, I used Spider-Man, Psylocke, and Morrigan. That was because of MVC1…I used Spider-Man and Morrigan heavily and used Psylocke as my assist. After about a year or so of fighting in my local scene (Fun-Plex in Houston TX), I picked up Spiral…saw this one dude playing with her and her teleportation impressed me. so I ditched Psylocke in favor of Spiral. Nowadays…Spider-Man and Spiral are my mainstays, my third character is constantly changing.


At least one person on that team was competent.

Spider-man, Venom, Ryu.

This was approx. 7 months ago.

Wolverine, Ken, Psylocke or Venom, Ken, Psylocke. Actually if I did still play MVC2 I would still use those teams. :lol:

spiral storm cable

wow, sounds like my story, my first team was:
Spider-man, Strider Hiryu, Psylocke

because in MvC1 i used spiderman and strider with a heavy dose of psylocke assist. but after a while in MvC2, i realized how good psylocke’s anti-air assist was, and was using that and i dropped strider hiryu after a while, he just didnt work out, lol.

you must started playing marvel yesterday? :wonder:

I played when it first came out
I always like spiral and storm from COTA
Cable is just a badass and was new


BH, Doom, Tron-Y

I still play it (on the rare occasion I play marvel)… Turtle BH with the rocks to cover jhk demons, and the Tron assist for damage and countering.

I was using this back in 2002 or so. It’s the first team I made that I remember.

Actually doesn’t seem like that bad of a beginner team compared to most of the other one’s that I see.

The very 1st team with my very 1st fifty cents was Jugg/Hulk/Anakaris, I’m pretty sure. Seems like such a long time ago.

I have always been BFL and played Jugg/Hulk teams since Day One. That’s just me, I won’t bore you with a story. I’ve told it before long ago anyway.

when i got the game i didn’t know much about competitive (you know random kids on mvc1 pick ryu and MASH) and it was sakura/wolverine/hayato because sakura assist was boss.

eventually when i got friends it was jill/???/sentinel and my game was
call drones rushdown kickkickkick special

people found out you can roll which ruined my gameplan



magneto, hulk, blackheart. mags and hulk were some of my favorite marvel characters and blackheart looked badass. that squad lasted like 2 weeks.

guile strider jill

back when i was like 12 or something (when did this come out?)

first day CF had marvel I played guile/sabortooth/jill.
I already say people doing combos with guile and wanted to try. sabortooth cuz he is gangsta in xmvsf and I figured je would be the same here…NOT. jill cuz…well its jill from resident evil OMFG !!

also I CLEARLY remember justin wong was whoring phylock assist all day. I didnt know who he was but me and a friend was like “yo that asian is good at this game”:nunchuck:
and there was atleast 30-40 people around the marvel cabinet and next day they had another marvel cabinet…apprently one wasnt enough to for all the 3 vs 3 marvel MADNESS !!! :looney:

My first team when i used to play long time ago was Zangief/Anakaris/Akuma

haha awesome team.